Patterson and Sargent Score Points in ...

The World Cup in Planica, Slovenia this weekend was a classic specialist’s dream. It featured two classic races, a sprint and a distance race, with plenty of sustained uphills for gradual striding. Three GRP skiers competed in Planica: Caitlin Patterson, Ida Sargent, and Ben Lustgarten.Classic SprintSaturday’s race was a 1.4/1.6k ... go arrow

GRP Biathlon Weekend Race Result Round-Up

Lots of racing this past weekend for the GRP biathlon crew with members competing at the IBU Cup, the World Cup, and the NorAm.IBU ... go arrow

GRP Biathletes Compete at the World Cup and the ...

Apologies for the late article… Poor internet and crazy travel days contributed to the delay. But without further adieu, here’s the ... go arrow

17 Photos to Close out - 8 Jan 2018

posted by Caitlin Patterson

We're only a few days into 2018, so to wrap up 2017, here are 17 photos. They offer a glimpse of what the ski team, and I ...