5.31.12 – Adventures off the Water

5.Jul.2012 by phil.henson

On our active rest day this past Sunday, Lisa “The General” Schlenker took us on a nice 2 hour bike ride on the trails surrounding Craftsbury, with a few pit stops along the way.

Our first stop was Hosmer Point, the kids’ camp down the road from the center.  Jon Hammond, the camp director, introduced us to some of the new members of the camp: 6 pigs, 16 chickens, and 2 goats. We had a competitive chicken catching competition, followed by an egg toss. Henry won the chicken catch, but to be fair he had a significant advantage over the field since he grew up on a farm. Or, in his words, “Country is as country does.”

Winner, Winner...

Kyle and I beat the heavyweights in the egg toss due to some athletic catches by Kyle, but after attempting a Hail Mary from one side of the animal pen to the other, we found the hand-eye coordination of our duo to be pretty one-sided. Active rest day: 1, Phil: 0.

(Note the egg covering my right arm)

(Note the egg covering my right arm)

Back on the bikes for some more light riding and scenic views, then another pit stop at the “bubble pools” to cool off. I’ll let this photo speak for itself:

Bubble Pools