Photos from the Classic Race

13.Nov.2010 by Chelsea Little

Today we had some classic races in Muonio. For the women, it was just 5 short kilometers, and Petra Majdic won by almost twenty seconds. Ida had an amazing race though, finishing 25th, and Hannah was 56th, sandwiched between Liz Stephen and Morgan Arritola. Lauren and I were pretty close to the bottom of the results sheet, but…. oh well.

In the last two races I’ve learned that it’s much more important to ski well than ski hard. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow and end up a little higher up the results sheet. BKL skiers, take note!

I spent most of the men’s race outside taking photos, so thought I’d share some of the best. I overexposed a few of them, which looks cool, but don’t get any ideas – it is gray, gray, gray in Muonio! Click any of the photos to enter the gallery, and then click it again to see full-size.