Collegiate Summer Training FAQ

GRP Collegiate Summer Training Team

The GRP Collegiate Summer Training Team is a summer program for U23 athletes currently pursuing a college degree while competing at a high level in Division 1 or 2 NCAA Nordic skiing. The goal of the program is to provide an elite-level summer training experience in concert with the Craftsbury Green Racing Project.

Accepted applicants will receive coaching and room/board during the summer training season before heading back to their respective college in the fall. Participants will also be exposed to the sport of biathlon. This program does not guarantee a spot on the Craftsbury GRP upon a timely graduation from college; at the same time, it offers an opportunity to test the idea of skiing full-time after college.

In exchange for their lodging, meals and coaching, participants are expected to contribute a minimum of fourteen hours of work per week of at the Outdoor Center. Work hours support the Center’s mission and include (but are not limited to):

  • Assistant Coaching of Junior Programs
  • Center Improvements, including trail and facility maintenance
  • Furthering the Center’s Mission of Environmental Awareness and Sustainability
  • Contributing on Special-Project Teams

Ideal candidates for this summer’s limited spots will be athletes in the later part of their college career, who are thinking seriously about post-collegiate ski racing, and demonstrate high motivation and competitiveness. FAQs follow, or apply here. Applications will be accepted until end of day April 12, with decisions starting late-April.


Who will be the coach?
Pepa M, Director of Competitive Skiing and GRP Nordic Head Coach
Assisted by:
Nick Brown, Assistant GRP Nordic Coach
Jake Barton, Assistant GRP Nordic Coach 
Mike Gibson, GRP Biathlon Coach

What types of skiing experiences must I have?
Athletes must compete at an elite level at the collegiate and national level. Athletes will be expected to keep up with all current GRP ski team members in training.

What does the day to day schedule look like?
Athletes will receive a weekly GRP training schedule. The schedule will be a combination of organized team and individual/on your own training sessions. The schedule may vary from week to week.

How late into the summer can GRP Collegiate Summer Training Team participants train at Craftsbury?
The program ends in August. Select participants may continue training at Craftsbury until they return to their school.

What is the end of summer take away for athletes?
A review of the athletes' summer goals will take place plus a final evaluation of the athlete's fitness. Leaving Craftsbury, the athlete will have a clear understanding of where they are and what needs to be accomplished to move to the next level.

What is the cost of the program, and how much of it can be offset by work for the Center?
There is no monetary cost to the athlete for participation in the program. There may, however, be some race travel expenses. For example, if a participant is invited to a USSA camp, Craftsbury will aim to provide as much support as full-time post-collegiate GRP member would receive, while abiding by all NCAA amateurism rules. All skiers are expected to work 14 hours per week at the Center. All room and board privileges are contingent on the upkeep and cleaning of your housing facility and completing all job assignments in a timely fashion.

What will the work opportunities be like?
Work hours may include any of the following:

  • Various projects related to helping Craftsbury become more sustainable. These could include analysis of current heating/power systems, improved management of property, and production of local food on property.
  • Projects that support the Craftsbury ski program in general: helping coach local juniors and masters, maintaining equipment.
  • Meeting needs of the Outdoor Center such as caretaking of facilities, gardening, trail work, chopping wood, etc.
  • Other Projects TBD. Participants will be encouraged to generate ideas for projects.

What equipment am I required to own?
Athletes are required to possess their own rollerskis (classic and skate), helmet, ski poles, running shoes, and heart rate monitor. Athletes are highly encouraged to bring a mountain bike for commuting and occasional training.

Do I have to be in college? Is there a minimum age requirement?
The program is geared primarily toward U23 men and women, currently in college.

When are applications due?
We encourage all applicants for the summer program to have applications in by end of day April 12, with acceptances starting by late-April. Application can be found here.

How many athletes can the program serve?
Participation is very limited, based on level of fitness and room for lodging

How much training support will be provided? What expenses will I need to cover?
Athletes will accrue all costs outside of Center-provided coaching, transport to training, and room/board.

What is Craftsbury like? Is there any social life?
The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is a very busy place in the summer, with Sculling and running camps running all summer long, with the exception of a few weekends. Accepted applicants will train, work, and socialize with the year-round resident Green Racing Project (GRP) skiers. There is also a parallel GRP program of competitive rowers training at the Center.