GRP Mission, Vision, & Values

The Craftsbury Green Racing project is guided by one mission, one vision, and one set of core values wherever we compete, train, and work around the world.  These are the guideposts for the Craftsbury Green Racing Project.


The mission of the Craftsbury Green Racing Project is to be a year-round, multi-sport training program at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center that provides athletes with both a top tier training environment as well as a supportive community. Members of the Green Racing Project work to reach their fullest potential in their respective sport, develop as members of a sustainable community, and uphold the mission of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.


Our vision is that the Craftsbury Green Racing Project athletes will blend the uncompromising virtues of pursuing athletics at the highest level with the conscientious values of being a considerate member of a larger community. GRP athletes will further their own mission while also contributing to the larger one that supports and surrounds them. In the end, the Craftsbury Green Racing Project will build some of the best athletes in the world who also have an understanding of their impact and involvement in both the communities that surround them and the physical environment they live in.

Core Values:

Self-Motivated - A GRP athlete sees what needs to be done before being told what needs to be done.

Conscientious - A GRP athlete possesses the humility to recognize the larger picture even as he or she pursues something very passionately on his or her own. In this sense, a GRP athlete is aware of his or her effect on the environment, respects his or her teammates, demonstrates sportsmanship with his or her opponents, and finds ways to support the community that supports him or her.

Communicative - A GRP athlete utilizes communication in order to cultivate relationships that further progress and development in his or her training, community, and work.

Purposeful - A GRP athlete is optimistically determined. GRP athletes have a constant focus to better themselves and the world around them. 

Open - A GRP athlete is open to growth, varying viewpoints, challenges, the pursuit of excellence, and the support of others.

Green - The values listed above allow GRP athletes to engage with being environmentally green as they blend the explicitness of their athletic goals with the broader understanding of the ecosystem they work within.