Waste Management

The Center's composting system handles dining hall waste as well as waste from athlete housing. The current system was devised after we ran a test to collect and weigh compostable dining hall waste for three days and determined that approximately 30lbs of waste are produced per day. We met with experts from the Highfields Institute, a local non-profit, to determine the best type of system for the Center. They helped us figure out how to 'complete the loop' in our local food system by converting our food waste into fertilizers for our gardens and fields. The compost is carefully managed and tended to in order to reap the most nutrients from it.

Additionally, GRP athletes have helped design a more efficient waste receptacle system, which is in accordance with Vermont's Universal Recycling Law, Act 148. This law bans certain waste products from entering landfills, including "blue bin" recyclables (July 2015) leaf and yard debris (July 2016), food scraps (July 2020), over the course of the next several years. We created in-house waste setups for easy and accurate disposal that minimizes landfill use.