Team 350 Challenge

Green Racing Project and Concept II's International Day of Action Event

Climate change legislation is a serious issue on the international political stage this fall, one that is especially close to home for winter athletes who depend on consistent cold weather. The 350 Team Challenge is an effort to raise awareness for climate change legislation in the international skiing and rowing communities.

The Green Racing Project is pairing with Concept II to encourage skiers and rowers around the world to log the number of meters they row or roller ski (since we don't have snow yet) in the thirty days between September 25th and October 24th. Our goal is to collectively surpass 350 million meters, the same goal international grassroots organization is calling for as a safe standard for parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere. The 350 Challenge culminates on's international day of action, October 24th, to raise global awareness for aggressive climate change legislation before the international summit in December in Copenhagen.

As of this writing, over 1,000 skiers and rowers are participating in the Challenge from more than 25 countries. At the same time, on the homepage there are 1,692 actions scheduled to take place in over 137 countries on October 24th. Hopefully the world, and the media, will notice enough for our politicians to actually do something about climate change.