Local Foods Project

Summer harvest from the Center gardens of cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes.

Spring planting

Getting more local food into the Craftsbury Outdoor Center Dining Hall

The town of Craftsbury is a hub of local food production. Craftsbury and the surrounding towns are home to numerous food production facilities, including several cheese making operations, the Vermont Soy Company, Hill Farmstead Brewery, High Mowing Seeds, and Pete's Greens. The Outdoor Center works to incorporate as much local food as possible into their daily delicious meals. Though local foods can be more expensive than products purchased from large companies, there are many advantages. These include supporting local producers, encouraging healthy, sustainable growth for the Northeast Kingdom, and reducing carbon released in to the atmosphere because local food requires less transport from farm to table.

Additionally, the Center  produces some of its own food. We have several large gardens and greenhouses which grow a multitude of vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, squash, potatoes, cucumbers, and kale. This year, we inoculated logs to grow our own mushroom crop! This produce is used by the dining hall, as well as by the GRP when the dining hall is closed.

The Center participates in the global Meatless Monday Movement, which is a global effort to not eat meat once a week, which is beneficial for both the human body and the planet.