Kingdom Lakes Trail

A view from along the proposed Kingdom Lakes trail.

We are cooperating with a multitude of stakeholders to develop a trail network for inn-to-inn ski touring from Hardwick north to Barton.

Many groups in the Craftsbury- Hardwick- Barton area envision the development of a new ski trail linking existing trails at the COC and Highland lodge to population centers in Barton and Hardwick. We imagine a scenic trail for human-power transport, including walking, running, skiing, and possibly biking and horseback riding, which is away from snowmobile traffic. This trail would provide benefits in two many ways. First, it would extend and connect existing recreation opportunities to areas that currently lack them. Second, it would promote economic development in these areas. We plan on siting the trail so that it travels by inns, farm, historic sites, art galleries, and shops to take advantage of the growing geotourism business in the Northeast Kingdom. Thus far, we have the support of Highland Lodge, The Glover Recreation Committee, the Northeast Kingdom Travel and Tourist Association, the Barton Chamber of Commerce, and the Old Stone House Museum.