Carbon Emission Inventory

We conducted a carbon emission inventory for the Center as a means of quantifying the Center's carbon footprint and prioritizing areas for improvement. Although Craftsbury has some new efficient furnaces and solar hot water heaters in two of its buildings, much of the energy infrastructure is outdated and leaves much room for improvement. We used data from oil, propane, electricity, gas, and diesel bills to calculate the carbon emissions generated through each area. The chart below summarizes our findings in tons of CO2 per year.

From this data we have been able to determine some priorities in working to reduce the Outdoor Center's carbon footprint. For instance, oil and propane are the two largest single sources of emissions, and both are used primarily for heating buildings. For this reason, we hope to work with management and staff to develop a plan for using alternative and more efficient heat sources (the new equipment shed has a high efficiency wood-fired boiler), and for improving building insulation and weatherization. We are also beginning to look at how to limit the carbon emissions from transportation and trail maintenance, especially as the Center's vehicles will see increased mileage this year due to team travel.