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GRP ROW- 2018 Season Update (Part 1)

5.Mar.2018 by Jen Forbes


17 Photos to Close out 2017, from Caitlin

8.Jan.2018 by Caitlin Patterson

We’re only a few days into 2018, so to wrap up 2017, here are 17 photos. They offer a glimpse of what the ski team, and I personally, have seen and done from November through the end of the year.

Vibrant sunsets over the sea of clouds… incredible afternoons in Silverstar, BC! We spent a week of early December in Silverstar, which was beautiful and snowy and excellent for racing.

Team photo after the classic sprint in Silverstar, except that we were missing Adam Martin!

Stunning Silverstar

Stunning Silverstar tracks, overlooking the stadium area

Waiting for the awards ceremony in Silverstar

Classic sprint podium in Silverstar! All three of us GRP women made the A-final, where Kait took 1st, I took 2nd, and Liz took 5th.

Festive red berries in Craftsbury when we returned home in mid December

Late November skiing at Craftsbury on the snow-making loop. By December the natural snow was falling and opening a greater variety of trails.

Night ski commuting through the winter storms at Craftsbury with Adam and others.

Backcountry skiing on Jay Peak with Sheldon, Ani, and Avery. I love adventures through the snowy trees! Perfect way to get out for some exercise while getting off the beaten track. Photo from Avery Ellis.

Snowy skiing in Bozeman during a brief holiday visit to my parents’ house. Photo by Scott.

Holiday hobbies… building models in Bozeman at my parents’ house

Silly games. Oh Settlers of Catan, what a game to love and hate. Late night Settlers-induced delirium with my mom and brother

Bohart/CrossCut Ranch on a beautiful morning.

A very chilly and scenic ski at Lindley Park during my holiday visit to Bozeman. I skied at 5 different places in 5 days.

Nice treats, cinnamon rolls by Scott.

Skate ski at Lone Mountain Ranch over the holidays, with my brother Scott


What do I think of my 3 shiny new US National titles from Anchorage? THAT will have to wait for a future post!

Check the Outdoor Center website, such as for news recaps, or visit our GRP or Outdoor Center Facebook pages for now.


Ski Camps at Foret Montmorency

14.Nov.2017 by Caitlin Patterson

The whole 2017 Foret team!
Front L-R: Kait, Mike, Ben, Ida, Hallie
Back L-R: Caitlin, Adam, Liz, Nick, Pepa

Most of the GRP skiers and biathletes spent Monday Oct 30 – Thursday Nov 2, and Monday Nov 6 – Thursday Nov 10 at Foret Montmorency. The Foret Montmorency is a skiing/research/vacation facility operated by the University of Laval, and it is located about 1 hour north of Quebec City in Eastern Canada.

Fortunately for us, based in Craftsbury in northeastern Vermont, it’s only about a 4-4.5 hour drive to the Foret. This made it possible to go up north two consecutive weeks, returning to VT for a few days of the weekend and the NENSA Elite Rollerski race at Trapps on Saturday Nov. 4th.

During both 4-day camps, we put a big emphasis on technique and making sure to ski with good body position. Pepa was out on the trailside for every session, capturing video with her iPad for us to review after the ski. This constant feedback loop of ski-video review-ski can be extremely useful for making changes, but it also requires you to stay mentally engaged the whole time for the most benefit.

Camp week 1 included several distance sessions, skate jump skate speeds, classic start practice, 3 minute classic/DP intervals, and a skate time trial.  Camp week 2 included more distance sessions of both classic and skate, 90 second classic intervals, and 3-4 minute hard skate intervals.

Enjoy the photos below. For more media – photos and videos from the camp – look at our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Ida leaves for Europe on Nov. 15th, the domestic biathletes leave for Canmore on Nov. 20th, and the domestic skiers leave for West Yellowstone on Nov. 21st. The winter of racing is right around the corner!

Thin snow, but it still glides! There were considerable numbers of woodchips, sawdust, a few rocks, but at least the majority of the surface appears white.

Ben and Hallie

Ben and Hallie heading out along the white ribbon. This was during camp week 1, and the narrow spot ahead of them is the part that melted out and was no longer skiable in week 2

Mike out for a classic cruise

Ida and Kait deciding, right or left?

It was great to have Ida up at the Foret camps with the rest of us domestic GRP racers, before she heads to Europe on Nov 15th. Photo: Pepa

Liz and Kait during a skate distance session

Adam Martin wins the men’s race at the NENSA Elite Rollerski Invitational. Photo: Gary Solow

Ida Sargent wins the NENSA Elite race for women. Photo: Dave Priganc

Back to the Foret: Adam Martin, the masquerading Swede

Liz and Kait pass the main lodge along the snow loop. Photo: Pepa

Pepa skis along with the iPad, reading to video and offer technique advice at any moment

Ida, Liz, Kait. Photo: Pepa

Dance for the Foret!

Photos by myself, Caitlin, unless otherwise noted. Thanks for reading!

Bend Camp, a retrospective

6.Jun.2010 by Ollie Burruss

Pepa, this one’s for you …

Matt, Tim, and I just finished up a two week camp in Bend, Oregon, where we got to do some skiing on snow with the USST, Sun Valley, the MOD team,  the Canadian national team, and many more.  The conditions were pretty great considering it was late May through early June.  Zero skis were the ticket the first week – Bachelor received a few inches of fresh powder each night and the mornings were mostly clear and cool.  The second week it started raining, which softened things up, but no one could really complain because it was snow in May.

Our mandate for the camp was to work on efficiency on snow, so in the weeks prior to leaving Pepa drilled us on the various technique changes we needed to make.  Getting to work on striding on snow after a few weeks on rollerskis was particularly advantageous for me.  I felt like my classic skiing came along quite well over the course of the camp.

The scene in Bend is pretty much an endurance athlete’s dream.  Great singletrack, a host of mountains to explore within a half hour’s drive, and [allegedly] gorgeous weather.  After skiing at Bachelor every morning, we’d set out to explore the trails around Bend (or the weight room at Central Oregon Community College) in the afternoon.  In the evenings we’d watch movies, sample the fantastic local beer, and generally relax.  We even got to take Chase Hammond out for his 21st birthday.

Huge thanks go out to the Hammond family for putting us up for two weeks, Kristy Aserlind for hosting us in Portland, Matt Whitcomb, Chris Grover, and Travis Jones for being so accommodating and inviting us to join in various workouts, and the Fereday brothers for being great training partners.  Below are a few pictures from early in the camp.

Briggs on day 1

Getting equipment ready

Briggs in the natural half-pipe

Briggs in the natural half-pipe

Burruss on day 1

Big smile

On the way home from Bend, Tim and I made a stop in Trout Lake, Washington to see Tim’s buddy Spencer Paxson ride in the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic.  XC Oregon skiers Brayton Osgood and Marshall Greene gave us a ride up the day of the road race in Trout Lake – both those guys are ripping up the amateur race at the MHCC.  Marshall is currently first on GC for the Cat 4s and Brayton is in 7th for the Cat 3s.  Tim’s buddy had a rough day, but was able to rally and put in a good time trial the next day in Hood River, Oregon.  Spencer is a pro mountain biker who hops in road races as a Cat 2, which means he has to race with the pros (which has its drawbacks, particularly on days when everything’s not going perfectly).  Spencer’s family hosted us (along with a bunch of other cyclists) on Thursday night and then we caught a ride to Portland the next day.

All things considered, Bend Camp was a total success.  The weather was decent, the workouts were fantastic, and fun was had by all.  I’m definitely headed back next year.

UPDATE: check out Andy Newell’s blog for a quick clip of Timmy doing L3 intervals with the USST.