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16.Jun.2010 by Chelsea Little

All the photos I took of hill-bouncing today are about to be rendered completely archaic, because, Pepa and Sheldon tell me, video of the workout is about to “go viral”. Oh goody! Everyone can see how tired I am at the end of each interval and how I’m barely making any forward progress at all!

But, there’s a few shots that you won’t be able to find on the video. Here’s a nice one of the train heading up the hill from the side – it’s green green green in Craftsbury thanks to all the rain we’ve been getting:


And, I have photographic evidence of Pepa dancing to the Basshunter music she was blasting out of her car. Let’s just say Pepa really enjoys this workout.



Hypoxic Wake-Up

29.Oct.2009 by Ollie Burruss

This morning we did max bounding intervals up the service road at the Diamond Peak alpine area. As the title indicates, the workout was a rude awakening for me. I blew the pacing on the first few and quickly felt the “hand around my windpipe” feeling I’ve come to associate with pushing too hard at altitude.

After a bit of a tongue lashing from Pepa about pacing, I salvaged the remaining intervals and finished feeling strong.

Today’s lesson: don’t play your cards too early at 6,000 feet. The mistake will come back to haunt you.