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Update on the GRP Heavies

24.Jun.2014 by Steve Whelpley

Here’s a quick update from the GRP’s most buoyant.

In April, like our rowing teammates, we raced the first National Selection Regatta (ie NSRI) in singles in the Open Mens Single (ie M1x).  I managed to win that race.  In May, also like our teammates, we competed in NSRII in the Open Mens Double (ie M2x).  John and Ben locked up the ‘W’ at this regatta.  Now, it’s important to know that while the regattas are called Selection Regattas, this is more of a preliminary selection.  In certain events like the pair, it might simply be a nomination to a selection camp for a boat that is not open to trialing.  In other cases like our events, which are in fact trials boats, winning the regatta allows you to travel to one of the World Cup races in an attempt to lock down the boat as yours.  Basically, if you place sixth or better at one of the World Cups, the boat will not go to trials and will be yours at World Championships that year.  If you manage to place fourth or better, then not only do you get to represent the USA in that boat class at Worlds but you also get some funding from USRowing (a feat recently accomplished by our teammate Josh and his boatmate Austin Meyer).

The reason I mention this is many people have inquired when Ben, John, and I are headed off to a World Cup in our respective small boats.  While this still may be in the cards, the four of us heavyweights at Craftsbury decided to spend our time in the quad (M4x) for the past month and change.  We have a gorgeous boat and four skilled scullers, so we put 2 and 2 together and made a 4x.  While a substantial US contingent is overseas right now having just competed in the second World Cup in Aiguebellete, France, we are down in Princeton, NJ, preparing to race the quad in trials tomorrow.

Here’s a video recap of our rowing:

New Year, New Socks

4.Jun.2014 by Clare Egan

The “new year” is upon us.  I did my first roller-ski intervals yesterday, and a running time trial today.  Ah, that moment when you realize that the 2-mile loop you did at 5:45/mile pace was actually only 1.7 miles and you were running 6:45’s.  ‘Tis the training season.

There are three reasons for celebration at this time. That’s saying a lot for someone who hates training season almost as much as running up mountains in the heat of July while others are barbecuing (oh, wait…). The first cause for celebration is that I replaced all of my socks.

Now when I say all, I mean the 5.5 pairs of socks that have been with me every day for the last three summers of roller-skiing, running, hiking, and biking, rain or shine, blood, sweat and tears. How eleven out of twelve of my original crew sock crew– purchased while en route to Craftsbury with the hope of making my introduction to roller-skiing less painful– survived marathons upon marathons of physical wear and abuse is a mystery.

The second cause for celebration is that I am at my first training camp with the US biathlon team. This spring I was nominated to their new “development group”, which gives me the opportunity to work with the national team coaches and participate in some of the team’s camps this summer. I am still based in Craftsbury and I train with the GRP as often as I can when I’m there, but my training plan is now biathlon-focussed and is written by the US biathlon team coaches. It is a very exciting development for me because it is what I need in order to become a better biathlete.

I also bought a new rifle. It has tiger stripes.