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GRP Skiing Video Blog!

30.Nov.2012 by Gordon Vermeer

Nearing the end of its fall trip out West, the GRP ski team has a lot of experiences and a lot of skiing to talk about! Hopefully you’ve seen some of our blog posts to date. We’re also experimenting with a new “video blog,” where GRP skiers go on camera to talk about their travels, races, and other happenings.

The most recent installment features Clare Egan, and comes out of West Yellowstone. Enjoy!

Also see the first edition, featuring Alex Howe in Canmore.

Bozeman SuperTour Sprint 11/29 Photos

29.Nov.2012 by Clare Egan

 Today was a great day for our team, with Caitlin and Alex both taking 4th place. Here are some pictures from yesterday and today in sunny Bozeman! Enjoy.

Alex passes through his quarter final easily, on his way to 4th place overall.

Caitlin in the A-Final on her way to 4th place overall

Our Craftsbury training buddy, Alex Schultz (in the green Dartmouth college suit), had a super sprint finish in this quarterfinal to qualify for the semi’s. Patrick finished third in this heat (see strong finishing lunge!) and passed through to the semi’s as a lucky loser.

The aftermath of Alex’s sprint finish

The aftermath of Patrick’s sprint finish

Pepa really going for it, using her favorite technique, V1 on the left (that’s her in the red pants).

Pepa is really getting into shape doing all these testing intervals! But sometimes she needs a break.

Here are a bunch more photos from pre-race day and today:

10 reasons to be in Craftsbury in November

28.Nov.2012 by Hannah Dreissigacker

1.  There’s snow! 

We have 1+ k of awesome skiing–wide, with a thick base and clean snow. Plus now we have a little biathlon range right on the snowmaking loop, which is perfect for me!

2.  There’s real snow!

“Fake” snow is nice, but real snow is even better! The first real snow of the year always gives me such a giddy-little-kid sort of feeling, especially when I’m at home.

3.  The GRP rowers are around, and so there are people to hang out with, cook meals with, and give ski lessons too!

4. Meals started back up, and they’re as amazing as ever 

5. Woodstove

It may be little, but our woodstove is what’s gotten me through the last few weeks–its been going non-stop, and pretty much whenever I’m in the house and not sleeping, I sit in front of it.

6. Helping coach the BKL is especially awesome when they’re just getting on skis and they’re sooo psyched about it!

The kids are so motivated, I think they could run their own practices. And they’re so psyched to be on snow and to race each other around, its a good reminder of why I ski!

Who in this picture is showing better technique? (hint: not me)

Em has also been helping run BKL practices. Its great to have her home and have some good sister bonding time.

More good technique!




















































7. Skiing to meals

Skiing as a means of transportation makes me very happy.

8. Having thanksgiving at home!

9.  You can ski, but also go on hikes and runs and other adventures without it being too snowy or sketchy (this was before we got real snow)

I went on a nice run/hike up Mt. Hunger

10. There  are lots of productive things to do, which is a welcome change after being on the road for so long.


Behind the scenes: West Yellowstone Report

28.Nov.2012 by Clare Egan

Here are some photos from “behind the scenes” in West Yellowstone. (Alternative title: “Sorry, I didn’t get any race photos.”)

We arrived in “West” on Thursday, November 15th. Our first race was not until the following Friday, the 23rd, which gave us plenty of time to adjust to our new house and  to the additional 2,000-2,500ft of elevation. Canmore is around 4,500ft, and West Yellowstone is the devil’s altitude: 6666. Because of a lack of snow in town, all training and racing had to be moved to the 7000ft+ South Plateau, which is about 6mi from town up a steep, winding, one-lane dirt road. The Forest Service was kind enough to let the race organizers plow the road, but even with plowing, a shuttle service, and strict scheduling of up-only and down-only traffic, it was a certifiable cluster. Anyone without a racer’s or coach’s  bib was prohibited from going up to the plateau on race days in an effort to keep the congestion down. Luckily we were able to give Maria’s parents a coach’s parking pass so that they could watch the race which they came all the way from MN to see!

I think we had a mix of results in the two races, ranging from Caitlin’s back-to-back podiums and a bunch of team top-tens, to those of us who were hoping to do a bit better. Gordon has posted an excellent and comprehensive race review here. I was hoping to be in the top 10, but finished just out, in 13th and 16th in the 9km and sprint, respectively. I hope (intend!) to improve upon that in the upcoming races. The elevation was a challenge, as was the fact that it was our very first race of the season! Because the West Yellowstone and Bozeman SuperTour races are qualifiers for Canadian World Cup events in December, I think we felt more pressure to excel out here than we typically might have in the season opener. But overall the team was successful and is looking forward to sprint races tomorrow and Saturday, and a mass start on Sunday.

AND, we are looking forward to flying home to Craftsbury next Monday.