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GRP ROW- 2018 Season Update (Part 1)

5.Mar.2018 by Jen Forbes


Girls with Guns – Lake Placid Gallery

13.Jul.2017 by Caitlin Patterson

The US Biathlon women (spearheaded by Emily Dreissigacker) put on a fantastic Girls with Guns biathlon clinic in Lake Placid on July 9th. Enjoy the photo gallery below, and click on any photo to see a larger version.

All photos by Caitlin Patterson.

Cedar is Fossil Fuel Free*!!

12.May.2016 by Heather Mooney

For the past two years, Cedar has not used any oil for heating, although oil burners still remained installed in the building. Last week, the final oil burning furnaces were removed, as well as all of the plumbing, a symbolic marker along the path to carbon neutrality at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.

Cedar has been heated by the central heating system–fueled by wood, solar hot water, and waste heat from the snow making generator–but until last week, the three oil burning furnaces still were hooked up, such that they could be turned on as back up (although they never were). Two pipes fed Cedar’s heat system, one from the central heating system, and one from the oil furnaces, with a valve that recently has remained turned off. Now without the oil furnaces, all of the distribution remains the same, just without that input to the system.

Last week, Eric, Lucas, and Ethan pulled all of this out,  leaving an empty room in the basement that used to be devoted to the oil heat operation. The plumbing will be given away, and some of the tanks will be repurposed for solar hot water at Elinor’s House.


“The grey thing in the front is one of three big oil burners that provided the heat and hot water for Cedar. The round tanks behind it were used to store heat from the oil furnaces, some of these tanks are what we will reuse for solar.”-Ethan

*When we make snow, we do use fossil fuels to run the generators. So by using waste heat from the generators, it does still have a slight “fossil trail”.

(Ethan contributed reporting and photo).

A Green day on the GRP

7.May.2016 by Heather Mooney

Like the summer training we do, a lot of the work we put in now towards Outdoor Center projects will pay off in later seasons. As we finish up our first week of “official” training, we’ve gotten going again on a few of these tasks, such as the raspberry fences that Caitlin, Emily and Alex put up this afternoon!




This morning, not pictured, but also in the vein of spring time work for later-date benefits, we helped with a community work day, mulching blueberry bushes at our neighbors’ farm, Browns, followed by collecting trash for Green Up Day on one of our rollerski roads in Greensboro.

Along with trees finally starting to bud, and the grass beginning to grow again, it was a very “green” day in Craftsbury. Tomorrow we’ll round out the week of training with a running time trial up Mt. Elmore.

“Alex Howe contributed reporting, and pictures”