Canadian Henley Day 5

19.Aug.2019 by Jen Forbes

Today was a WILD day. There were a total of 14 Craftsbury Boats that raced today. We kicked the morning off with Andy and Nathan racing in the M1x 500m Dash. Both raced hard, but neither qualified to move on to the next round. That, however, did not keep them down for long as Nathan went on to qualify the Champ M2- with Jack for tomorrow’s final! And Andy went on to qualify for the final in the Men’s Champ 1x. Mark also qualified to for tomorrow’s final in the same event! 

The morning didn’t stop there! As all three women advanced from our heats onto tomorrow’s Champ 1x final! Taylor and Liza each won their respective heats and I took second in mine. Tomorrow’s final will be very green!

On the U23 side, Mackenzie and Rhiannon raced their semi’s for the U23 W1x early this afternoon. Rhiannon took second and advances on to tomorrow’s final and Mackenzie just missed out on a qualifying spot. 
Bridget and Charlotte took to the water a little later in the afternoon for their Senior W2x final. They put together a great piece and took second in the final! 

And the final *~Premiere Event~* of the day was the Mixed 8+ Dash 4 Cash! There was a LOT of smack talk happening in the warm up area and we were quite rowdy while waiting to launch! It was all fun and games in the lead up to the race, but once we were locked into the starting boat, it was clear that we were all ready to crush! I was actually really impressed with how quickly we were able to sync up and lay down a pretty great rhythm. The whole event was a lot of fun and a nice little break from the seriousness of the regatta – plus our winnings go to a great cause!

We all came home and enjoyed our last “family dinner” together. We have one more day of racing and I think we’re all excited to see what we can do!

Until tomorrow!

-Alex Spaulding