Last Day in Newport

12.Feb.2019 by Jen Forbes

Written by: Alex Spaulding

Newport really shined for us on our last full day of our training trip! We were blessed with great water and some serious sunshine!

Our day started with our first all singles practice of the trip! Steve took us out for some Lido Laps where we did a mixture of drilling and steady state. It was great to be able to slow it down and get some solid technical work in during our last day! It was just icing on the cake that we had some glassy water.

After our final siesta of the trip, we headed back to the Newport Sea Base boathouse for one last row. We were able to take out some 1xs again, which allowed us to take advantage of all of the little canals that the waterway has to offer. We circled behind Balboa Island (where we stayed during the trip) and crossed the main channel to finish the trip with one last Lido Lap!

After our PM practice, we said goodbye to our oars (which we conveniently sold to a local club), and thanked our friends at SoCal Scullers for having us! We then headed home and Chef Steve whipped up some gluten free protein-banana-waffles. They were served with syrup and a hefty dose of sarcasm – but they were DELICIOUS. 

We ended the night with packing, cleaning and some reminiscing about what a great trip we’ve had. It was really awesome to be able to sharpen our skills and check back in to confirm that we do actually still know how to row :). We are excited to be headed back to Craftsbury for 4 more weeks of winter training!

Till next time!
Alex (Spaulds) Spaulding