Alberta to Idaho

23.Mar.2015 by Alex Howe


On March 9th, Emily, Mike, Miro, and I traveled to Hinton, Alberta for the Canadian Biathlon Nationals.  Ethan met us there after competing in the IBU Cup races in Canmore, Alberta the week before.  Hinton is on the eastern front of the Canadian Rockies.

photo 4(1)

Here is Mike, looking stoked about the upcoming races. In the background you can see the pulp mill which was built in the 1950’s.


Running through one of the many industrial drives in Hinton.


Cleaning our shoes off on the last patch of snow in town. We had to drive about 20 minutes to the venue which had great snow considering the weather.

photo 1(1)

With all the warm weather haircuts were a life saver. We also found that the roof of the hotel was the best place because we didn’t have to clean anything up after.

photo 2(1)

Hinton’s population seemed to be extremely proud of their over-sized and muddy trucks! (I won’t put all the photos I took of them on here)

photo 3(1)

I have seen a boat on top of a truck, but never one on a trailer on top of a truck!


This is the pulp mill in Hinton, which made the whole town smell pretty foul. Luckily the venue was far enough away that we didn’t need to smell it while racing.


Looks like they could make some pretty awesome ski trails pretty easily!


We found a hunting store in Hinton called High Calibre Sports. It was an awesome store that we could have spent a long time in!


On our day off we drove up to Jasper which is located right in the middle of the Rockies.


In Jasper we went for a run, but were warned by signs about the bears in the area!

photo 5(1)

Running on the trails outside Jasper. Even Miro decided to come for the adventure!

photo 1(2)

Our run took us through a couple different lakes.

photo 2(2)

Heading back down into Jasper from the lakes.


Found a spot looking out over the town of Jasper.


After our run we got burgers in town. The restaurant had balcony seating overlooking the town.

photo 5(2)

On our way home we ran into these guys right next to the road.

photo 4(2)

We also stopped at this lake on the way back to Hinton. The lake drains during the winter and fills up during the summer.

photo 1(3)

This is the monster sled that they did all the grooming with for the race. The racing went well but I need to do a lot more shooting this summer!

After the racing was over in Hinton, Emily and I traveled to Sun Valley, Idaho to meet up with the rest of the team for Super Tour Finals.  Mike split off and headed to US Biathlon Nationals in Truckee, and Ethan and Miro headed back home to Craftsbury.


Our view from the plane. You can see Mt. Baker which is just north of Seattle.


Looking out over the town of Ketchum, Idaho. Its been sunny and in the 50’s and 60’s almost every day!


Pepa is a big fan of the owner of our rental house. Here she is planning out her relay team, which will be racing tomorrow!!


A look at the stadium at Galena Lodge. Pretty amazing considering there is no snow down in town!

photo 3(3)

Here is some of the team sitting on the tailgate of our rental truck! Some pretty good sun burns happening so far!


Galena Lodge, which has awesome snow even when Ketchum has very little!