19.Apr.2010 by Matt Briggs

Somebody email Chelsea.  She has an out-of-office-i’m-on-vacation-auto-reply email thing going on.  It actually says “vacation”.  I didn’t know that we could technically call anything a vacation, given what we do every day.  Pepa can take a vacation, sure.  But us?  Not sure.  But maybe.

But let’s say that we can take vacations, and this is it.  In the month of April, we spread out all over New England or the west (Tim) or Europe(Pepa) doing a bunch of different things with a bunch of different people.  I think I speak for everyone when I say its nice and it was needed.

I’ve spent the time at home in Concord, Mass.

I’ve been catching up with one of my good buddies who’s spent the year at home waiting to deploy to China for PeaceCorps.  He’s also spent that time training for an MMA fight on May 28th at Mohegan Sun.  Gives me a different outlook on what I do and how intense racing really is.  At least in skiing everyone ends up conscious.

I’ve been running, biking, and lifting at all my old spots, which has been great.  It turns out that some of the best trails I’ve ever run are right here in Eastern Mass.  Who knew?

All that’s been nice, but mostly I’ve been working on my golf game.  I get into golf so fast its crazy.  I come home and play one round and all of a sudden I’m watching non-major golf tournaments with no big names.  I’m hitting the driving range and putting green every day.  Today I even went out and played 9 holes by myself, playing two separate balls so I could play twice as much.  I’m not sure what it is about golf I like so much.  I’m definitely not good, so that’s not it.  Golf isn’t similar to skiing, so that’s not it either.  I like playing with my family, but I like playing alone too, so that’s not it either.  I think it’s because golf is so different from skiing it give me a break.  I like how every time you play, you know exactly how good you are and you can compare that to the best.  That’s like racing at nationals every day (but never having to fly to Alaska).  I like that it’s always the same, day in and day out.  Ski training changes so much day to day it’s sometimes hard to know what to do that day.  But with golf, you just play.  It’s so simple.  I like how you can have some shots in every round that feel so good you just wish you could do that a few more times and then you could play on the tour.  I also like how the guy who finishes last at a crappy event on the PGA tour still gets $11,000.  That’s unbelievable.

Mostly though, I just like outdriving my brother.