We’ve got the Fever.

26.Feb.2010 by Tim Reynolds

Birkie Fever.  Things are heating up here in northern Wisconsin- the Birkie is tomorrow morning, bright and early.  We’re planning a 5:45am departure from our cabin in Springbrook, just south of Hayward.  It’s a fair haul to the start line up to Cable, and we’re going to be navigating it along with 10,000 other skiers.  It’s guaranteed to be a complete mess.

Ollie and Matt are resting upstairs- their fever seems to be much more severe than my own.  Matt has had a cold compress on his forehead all night trying to stave off the effects.  Don’t worry Pepa- this certainly doesn’t count as another sickness for the year, unlike that time Matt went snow blind.  Ollie has been taking on fluids like the Titanic trying to keep the numbers on the thermometer low.  Compliment that with a large dose of ski porn and he should be right as rain after crossing the finish line tomorrow.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Check back in to see how we’ve coped with the lingering symptoms- race tomorrow, dinner at the Sawmill, and up bright and early again on Sunday for the even long haul back to Craftsbury.  Pin it?