What’s in Tim’s ear…?

22.Nov.2011 by Dylan McGuffin

As you might have heard, there is not an excess of activities here in Mounio. When I’m not skiing or eating or writing blogs, I’ve taken up a small pet project helping my friend Tim with a little problem. There is something blocking his left ear. We are not sure what it is, perhaps a buildup of wax from his flowing locks, or some foreign object that has been lodged inside. Could it be a bug? Or maybe a raisin? I am told that gnomes also make their home in this part of the world, and one could possibly have made a home inside Tim’s head.

Righteous Flow

Righteous Flow

No clues yet, but here are some of the dislodging techniques we’ve tried…


Conventional ear wax dissolver... No luck.


Old faithful Q-tip... nothing.


Oh a dish soap bottle filled with warm water shooting into Tim's ear... yeah that didn't work.


Really thought this last thing would work…

There has been no luck getting anything out of Tim’s ear thus far. We have determined that it is quite possibly water, but really it could be anything. If anyone has any old tyme remedies or gypsy magic that you think may help, feel free to drop us a line.