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The Bounty of Bend

26.May.2012 by Susan Dunklee

What do skiing, mountain biking, sunburns, snowstorms, rainbows and lots of roundabouts all have in common?  They can all be found in Bend, Oregon in the month of May.
For the first time in recent memory, the US Biathlon team sent a group of athletes to Bend for an early summer on-snow training camp.  We left our rifles at home and focused on volume training.  We skied an exhausting number of hours every morning, sharing the trails with the US Ski Team, Canadian Ski Team, Canadian Biathlon Team, and numerous club teams.  Although we rarely completed the same workouts as the other groups (we are on different training plans) it was motivating to spend time around other elite North American athletes.  I’d never seen so much representation of the different programs in one place.  Nor could I predict which athletes I would end up skiing with when I started out in the morning.

One of many rainbow sightings.

Members of the US biathlon team, Russell, Lowell, Tim, Sara, Annelies and myself.

The first several days we had perfect corduroy and sunny blue skies.

Emil’s Clearing was the gathering point for all the different teams, and a great place to socialize during water breaks and wax touch ups.

Hanging out with the local girls at Fast and Female.  We danced, talked about goals and dreams, and worked on strength and agility among other things.  I got to work with and get to know US Ski Teamer Holly Brooks, who I had only met once before this camp.

We watched but didn’t participate in Bend’s famous Pole Peddle Paddle race.  I’d love to take part in it some day, but the logistics look challenging.

I spent most of my afternoon workouts mountain biking.  There were tons of awesome single track trails, plus this gorgeous path along the Deschutes River.

The far side of the river looked like a rocky wasteland, filled with rugged volcanic rock.  I spent an afternoon on my off day exploring “lava island.”. A few lone pine trees managed to grow in the rocks, and some pretty ferns sprouted up through deep cracks in the rock.

A tired crew enjoying our one off day.  I had forgotten how comfy recliners are.

Normally we could enjoy winter up at Mt. Bachelor and then drive down to summer weather at our condo in Bend 25 minutes away, but the last morning we woke up to some wintry weather down low…

…which translated into a foot of new snow up on the ski trails.  

I can’t think of a better place for ski training this time of year.  I’m leaving feeling extremely tired, but happy.  Bye bye Bend! …’till next time

Bend Camp, a retrospective

6.Jun.2010 by Ollie Burruss

Pepa, this one’s for you …

Matt, Tim, and I just finished up a two week camp in Bend, Oregon, where we got to do some skiing on snow with the USST, Sun Valley, the MOD team,  the Canadian national team, and many more.  The conditions were pretty great considering it was late May through early June.  Zero skis were the ticket the first week – Bachelor received a few inches of fresh powder each night and the mornings were mostly clear and cool.  The second week it started raining, which softened things up, but no one could really complain because it was snow in May.

Our mandate for the camp was to work on efficiency on snow, so in the weeks prior to leaving Pepa drilled us on the various technique changes we needed to make.  Getting to work on striding on snow after a few weeks on rollerskis was particularly advantageous for me.  I felt like my classic skiing came along quite well over the course of the camp.

The scene in Bend is pretty much an endurance athlete’s dream.  Great singletrack, a host of mountains to explore within a half hour’s drive, and [allegedly] gorgeous weather.  After skiing at Bachelor every morning, we’d set out to explore the trails around Bend (or the weight room at Central Oregon Community College) in the afternoon.  In the evenings we’d watch movies, sample the fantastic local beer, and generally relax.  We even got to take Chase Hammond out for his 21st birthday.

Huge thanks go out to the Hammond family for putting us up for two weeks, Kristy Aserlind for hosting us in Portland, Matt Whitcomb, Chris Grover, and Travis Jones for being so accommodating and inviting us to join in various workouts, and the Fereday brothers for being great training partners.  Below are a few pictures from early in the camp.

Briggs on day 1

Getting equipment ready

Briggs in the natural half-pipe

Briggs in the natural half-pipe

Burruss on day 1

Big smile

On the way home from Bend, Tim and I made a stop in Trout Lake, Washington to see Tim’s buddy Spencer Paxson ride in the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic.  XC Oregon skiers Brayton Osgood and Marshall Greene gave us a ride up the day of the road race in Trout Lake – both those guys are ripping up the amateur race at the MHCC.  Marshall is currently first on GC for the Cat 4s and Brayton is in 7th for the Cat 3s.  Tim’s buddy had a rough day, but was able to rally and put in a good time trial the next day in Hood River, Oregon.  Spencer is a pro mountain biker who hops in road races as a Cat 2, which means he has to race with the pros (which has its drawbacks, particularly on days when everything’s not going perfectly).  Spencer’s family hosted us (along with a bunch of other cyclists) on Thursday night and then we caught a ride to Portland the next day.

All things considered, Bend Camp was a total success.  The weather was decent, the workouts were fantastic, and fun was had by all.  I’m definitely headed back next year.

UPDATE: check out Andy Newell’s blog for a quick clip of Timmy doing L3 intervals with the USST.