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Rolling Mt. Rose

22.Oct.2009 by Ollie Burruss

Quick update from the boys’ house (aka Area 1036A).  This morning we did a classic roll up Highway 431 towards Reno.  The highway climbs up nearly 3,000 vertical feet from Incline Village to Mt. Rose and averages around a 8 or 9 percent grade.  Perfect for some technique experimentation.  Inspired by a road sign we passed, I attempted the “Apollo 11” technique and was accorded some success.  Tim opted for some “skijitsu” and found that he hurtled up the road (albeit on lightning fast inline skates he found in the garage at our condo and modified with a ratcheting wheel).  Feeling somewhat left out, Matt threw down with some aggressive “tiger claw” technique.  When asked at the top how things worked out, a bitter Briggs spat that the technique “definitely needs more refining back at Area 1036A.”  Updates from the clandestine testing laboratories at the War Bonnet Institute are sure to follow.