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Canadian Henley Day 3

19.Aug.2019 by Jen Forbes

Day three was a real roller coaster! We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning at the cottages and racing got underway as scheduled this morning. Jack, Nathan and Mark went to the course for a quick practice session and I headed to town for a coffee date with Taylor. Just as we were walking into the coffee shop, the black clouds rolled in and an hour’s worth of storms struck the little town of St. Catharines. Racing was delayed about 90 minutes before they picked it back up again. 

Most of us hung at the cottages this afternoon, waiting for word on whether or not the afternoon storms that were predicted would actually roll in. Finally it got close enough to our race times that we headed to the course to get started with our warm-ups – only to be told that racing was delayed indefinitely again. Bridget and Charlotte were able to get their heat in before the delay and finished third, advancing to tomorrow’s semifinal!

After an hour or so of rain and wind, we got word that they were going to start racing again but would only be running the finals and would be postponing all other races until tomorrow. At the time of the announcement we only had about 45 minutes until the start of the Senior W1x final, so Taylor, Bridget and I moved quickly to get our boats set up and on the water. We faced a pretty nasty crosswind coming from portside, but the three of us were able to string together some good race pieces and took 1st (Taylor), 2nd (Me) and 6th (Bridget). We got off the water and did a cool down row on the ergs and were able to watch/cheer as Andy cruised to a third place finish in his final!

We just got back to the Cottages and Liza has a cooked a delicious chicken stir fry for dinner! We are going to fuel up and get ready for an evening of recovery!!

Until tomorrow!

-Alex Spaulding

Canadian Henley Day 2

19.Aug.2019 by Jen Forbes

Our day started with a lovely sleep-in as all of our races were in the afternoon. We took advantage of our morning off by restocking our food supplies at the local Canadian Superstore. We divided and conquered the store and were in and out of there in record time!

Mackenzie and Rhiannon kicked off racing for the squad and cruised to a second place finish and a bid into tomorrow’s semis. Then Taylor, Bridget and I were able to secure three spots into tomorrow’s final. And Andy was the cherry on top of the afternoon as he won his semifinal and made us 4/4 Cedar Leaves in tomorrow’s Senior 1x Finals!

Now we are back at the cottages, resting up and making TACOS for dinner! We have new blood in the house as Jack, Nathan and Liza just showed up and are ready to join the Canley Speed Party!! 

Until tomorrow!!! 

-Alex Spaulding

Canadian Henley Day 1

19.Aug.2019 by Jen Forbes

Racing is officially underway at Royal Canadian Henley! Our morning started very early as Bridget, Taylor and I were in the first few races of the day. Mackenzie, Rhiannon and Mark also rose with the sun to get a piece of that early morning practice session. After their practice, Mackenzie and Rhiannon headed back to the AirBnb for some breakfast and rest as their racing starts tomorrow. Meanwhile, Mark headed to the local Timmy Ho’s for some coffee and then parked himself in the grandstand to cheer on the Senior Women. His cheering certainly paid off, as Taylor, Bridget and I all won our heats!

After racing, we headed back to the Cottage for some downtime (well everyone except for Mark because we lost him at the course and we don’t have cell service in Canada). Coach Grace had about 90 minutes of downtime before she fired up Moby and took Andy to the course for his Heat. But just before Andy launched for his race, a RIPPING storm blew in from the east, and he was held back from launching. Rhiannon, Mackenzie and I had the opportunity to watch the gnarly storm blow in across Lake Ontario from the comfort of our cottages, while Andy, Grace and Mark (they found him!) battened down the hatches and kept the boats safe at the course.

Racing picked back up at 2:30pm and Andy was able to race his heat before more storms rolled in. He finished 3rd and advanced directly to tomorrow’s semi. Overall it was a great day for the GRP! Tomorrow will have more racing as the schedule has been compressed due to weather. Mackenzie and Rhiannon kick off their racing tomorrow with the heats for their 2x. Which brings us to six Cedar Leaves who will be taking trips down the course tomorrow! 

For now, we enjoy a delicious pasta & chicken dinner prepared by Mackenzie and our friend, Doug! Till tomorrow! 

-Alex Spaulding

Summer Skiers

27.Jun.2019 by Caitlin Patterson

Written by Lina Sutro

Happy summer training! The GRP skiers are in full training mode with the edition of four new skiers joining for a summer of training in Craftsbury. This summer the editions to the Elinor’s house are Johanna Talihärm, Alex Lawson, Leah Brams and Lina Sutro. Johanna is back for her third summer in Craftsbury. This will be Alex and Leah’s first summer and Lina’s second summer joining. To get to know the summer athletes a little better we asked everyone some short questions:

What is the most fun workout you’ve had so far?

The toughest workout?

Something unexpected about your summer in Craftsbury so far?

Favorite meal from the kitchen?

For Alex the grass speeds have been the most fun, double pole intervals have been the toughest, and even though she’s spent a lot of time here in the summer with the junior ski program, she never realized how big of a community lives near and at the center. Her favorite meal from the kitchen are the feta and spinach burgers.

Johanna also agrees that the grass speeds have been the most fun workout so far. For her, skate and no-pole intervals are the toughest and seeing a black bear really closely has been a very unexpected sight so far this summer. As far as best meal, it’s probably a tie between pizza day and sandwiches on Sunday!

For Leah a great distance ski with Lina a couple days ago has been a highlight. The double pole intervals were probably the toughest and yesterday she saw a mother bird eat its baby bird’s poop! Lastly the tofu dishes are her favorite.

For me, Lina the rollerski workouts with speeds have been fun, especially when there is a big group all skiing together. The depletion workout we did last week was probably the toughest. My Favorite meal the kitchen makes is the black pepper tofu. And so far, the amount of bug bites I’ve gotten has been a little unexpected…was thinking it would be much worse.

So far, all four of us have had a really fun start to the summer and are looking forward to the next couple months of training and working!

Alex Lawson, Lina Sutro, Johanna Talihärm and Leah Brams