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Bluebird days in Ramsau

18.Sep.2014 by Pete Hegman

After some rainy days on the glacier we caught a break and were treated to blue skies, sun and perfect skiing! The skiing has been unbelievable the last few days, and despite the warm t-shirt weather the tracks have been hard and have been holding up throughout the day. We skated yesterday and classic skied this morning…Below are some photos!


View from the top of the alpine slopes, We have to walk down a little to get to the nordic track


Another look at the alpine slopes


Early morning, we have been taking the first tram up with most of the skiers, the groomer is usually about half way around the glacier when we start skiing


A look up the glacier


Incredible skiing! Doesn’t get much better than this!





Mike towards the bottom of the Glacier


Rossi bros side by side


No shirt and vest kinda day


Andy goes full red!


Caitlin ripping around the glacier!


Liz climbs back up from the bottom of the glacier



If you can believe it, we actually did not plan our outfits….


Caitlin followed by Nick (our wax tech)


Wow wow wow


Waxing was a little tough today but everyone found some good skis and got some good skiing in!


Klister days


Heading back up to the tram after a good days work!


And last but not least, Pepa’s famous training videos from yesterday and today…


Day 5 in Ramsau….Bounding

12.Sep.2014 by Pete Hegman

After some really nice glacier skiing the last 3 days we spent today down at lower elevation for some threshold bounding intervals. Despite a little rain this morning we headed over to base of the Rittiesberg alpine coaster, and started up a dirt access road. The access road was about 3km long and took anywhere from 25-30 minuets to bound up. Most of the boys did one time all the way up and then headed back down for another full or half, where as the girls did some shorter intervals jogging back down for rest in between intervals.


The boys. Back from their warmup and ready to start the intervals


Caitlin at the approaching starting gates. The whole access road was lined with wooden animals, disney characters.


Gordon and Andy leading the charge through the fog and rain


Mike and I rippin’ up the road


Alex, Alex and Jake in pursuit


Alex and the wooden snowmen


Kaitlynn with Liz close behind


The road just keeps winding up and up…

Andy and I running as fast as we can, but NOT RACING, back down after the last interval

Andy and I running as fast as we can, but NOT RACING, back down after the last interval

Tomorrow we head back up to the glacier for a distance ski and then a long distance run/hike in the mountains on Sunday. Shaping up to be a nice little weekend. Check back soon for more updates and for more photos check out our Facebook album:

Training videos from the last few weeks

2.Sep.2014 by Pete Hegman

Pepa has been really been dialing in her iMovie skills and has put together some training footage from the last few weeks. Check it out below!



L4 Skate Intervals


Classic Speeds

L3 Skate Intervals

Exploring the Lowell Mountain Range With the Boys

13.Jul.2014 by Pete Hegman

A few days ago the GRP skiing boys set off on a long dirt road cruise. We didn’t really have a plan of where we were going but wanted to get as close to the windmills on top of the Lowell mountain range as possible. After riding some dirt roads and some class 4 roads we ended up pretty close to the windmills.


The windmills from a distance

At this point, this was as close as we could get to the windmills using only dirt roads so we started up what looked like an old unmaintained  trail.


Heading into the old unmaintained trail

The trail ended up not really being ridable so we just got off our bikes, picked them up and started hiking straight up the mountain. After about half an hour of bushwhacking we finally made it to the top!


The windmills are massive at about 450 ft tall!



Gordon and Alex next to the windmill for a little perspective


The crew minus myself. There are 21 wind turbines in total.


Trying to get everyone in the photo….


Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning!

After exploring the ridge line, we ripped down the access road. It heads down the other side of the ridge and is about a 6 minute fast fun downhill!