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Author Archive

Lightweight Update from OKC

2.May.2013 by Kyle Lafferty

The Phil’s and I are still on the loose in OKC. Although we are getting some quality training with a solid group of athletes out here, we are quite jealous of our GRP teammates who have made their way back to Craftsbury and the recently thawed Hosmer. Much respect to the first GRP’er to row on Hosmer this Spring – skier Susan Dunklee! I’m sure she was navigating the last chunks of ice floating around out there. The scenery on the Oklahoma River is quite different as you can see from the video below. In the background, you can see the OKC skyline and the Devon Boathouse where we train everyday.

The training atmosphere out here has been growing more intense as we approach the racing season and selection camps. Official selection for the lightweight men’s four begins with the 2nd National Selection Regatta which is scheduled for May 15-18. All members of the group here will be racing in pairs at this event. We have been doing lots of training in pairs with as many different combinations as possible. The constant switching has made for some great competition. The video below is from one of our training sessions.

Last weekend, the Phil’s and I ventured downtown to attend the OKC Marathon registration where we helped promote the Learn-to-Row programs offered by the OKC Boathouse Foundation. It was great to chat with members of the community and get people excited about rowing. We gave our best sales pitches to convert runners to rowers as they perused the booths scattered throughout the large registration room at the Cox Convention Center.

Recruiting new rowers at OKC Marathon

Recruiting new rowers at OKC Marathon

In my last post, I mentioned that there was no recycling pickup at our apartment complex. While that fact remains, we have been making weekly trips to the recycling center which is located downtown. We’ve had some pretty big hauls!

Loading up to hit the recycling center

Loading up to hit the recycling center

Phil sorting recycling - and looking good!

Phil sorting recycling – and looking good!

So we will be heading to New Jersey on the 9th to prepare to race at NSR #2 with at least some of the GRP coming down from Vermont. We’ll keep you posted as we continue to travel and begin racing.

GRP Lightweights Go Rogue Down South

16.Mar.2013 by Kyle Lafferty

Well, sort of. As soon as we were finally getting settled in Clemson, the Phil’s and I hopped back into the car for a 14 hour excursion to Oklahoma City for another training camp. Although we weren’t psyched to spend two days driving, we tried to make the most of our travels as we trekked across the South. Our route took us directly through Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, and Little Rock (with not much in between). On Day 1, we didn’t do much stopping, but covered some serious ground making it to Memphis, Tennessee for the night. On Day 2, we woke with a good bit of travel stiffness, but our morning activity – a walk around the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis – help alleviate some of our minor aches and pains. We learned a lot about MLK and the Civil Rights Movement in the process! Great exhibit.

Feeling enlightened and less rigid, we headed toward our next checkpoint in Little Rock, Arkansas. For all you math nerds out there, we were traveling on Pi Day (3/14 – get it?!) and felt compelled and obligated to acquire some quality pies. Our search was a great success, as you can see the Phil’s enjoying our banana caramel crème pie. As lightweights, our days of cramming down desserts are numbered as the racing season approaches, so we made the most of our stop in Little Rock by grabbing some World Championship winning BBQ at the Whole Hog Cafe, conveniently located just down the street from the bakery. They didn’t disappoint!



A round of pulled pork sandwiches in Little Rock

A round of pulled pork sandwiches in Little Rock

And a few hours later, we arrived in OKC where we moved in with some of the resident athletes who train here year-round. Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful in getting us settled into our new environment. Although one qualm we have with our apartment complex is that they do not have recycling! As ambassadors of the Green Racing Project, we are looking into options for our personal recyclables as well as alternatives for the entire complex. More to come on this topic!

So believe it or not, we actually came out here to row. We’ve been out on the water just a couple of times since arriving. All three of us were in a 4- on our first row, and there is even video evidence to prove it! We are missing the GRP Group and Craftsbury for sure, but we’re enjoying the 80 degree temperatures and sunshine here for now! We’ll be sure to keep y’all up to speed as the adventure continues down South.