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Author Archive

The Craftsbury Bump

2.May.2016 by John Graves

After almost three months soaking in the sunshine and sweat in Florida, I have been really enjoying bringing out sweatshirts, long sleeves, tights, and most notably winter hats for our rows. I think I may have let myself get a little too tan over the course of our stay in the south, so it’s probably a good thing to have a few practices go by where my skin doesn’t see the light of day. Since getting back, the men’s quad of myself, Peter, Ben, and Ben have been training fairly modestly in an effort to get the travel out of our system and to avoid getting sick in the colder temperatures. Unfortunately, both Peter and I came down with a little cold this week and have been unusually quiet in the boat as a result. I think young Ben and Ben are enjoying this uncharacteristic silence ( while it lasts). This weekend we have been really lucky to have one of our coaches Dave Gleeson around for a few days. Dave lives with his family in southern California and has taken some time away to sharpen us up before we leave for Europe on May 11. Dave spent a week with us in Florida in March and provided us with a lot of the technical focuses we used to keep the boat firing on all cylinders going into Trials. The combination of Dave, Larry Gluckman, and Troy as our coaches has been excellent. Each brings something different to the table and they are all valuable in their own right. Larry will be traveling with us to the Final Qualification Regatta in Lucerne( and hopefully beyond), but Dave and Troy have certainly been a huge part of the process to getting us to where we are now. There are just under three weeks until we begin racing for our spot at the 2016 Olympics. We will be facing all the boats that did not qualify in the top 8 at last years World Championships in France. Top contenders consist of Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Italy, China, Norway, France and others. Top two finishers will be going to Rio. In the final days leading into racing, we aren’t trying to reinvent anything we will just be trying to show up to the race feeling healthy, strong, and ready to lay down our very best piece. So far this boat has been a blast to row and I think we are all looking forward to showing it off on the international stage in a few weeks. For now, we trying to breath as much fresh VT air as possible and get what Larry likes to call the ” Craftsbury Bump”. Although its not for long, it feels really good to be home.

M2x in Sarnen

27.Jun.2015 by John Graves

Hey all,

Ben and I have been in Sarnen, SUI for the last week following WC 2 in Varese and we will be training here for one more week before we move over to Lucerne for World Cup 3. We have been enjoying the mountain scenery and glassy water while also taking some time to hike around the area. We hiked up to see the sunset on thursday night. Here are a couple of pics.




Ben and I have enjoyed a fairly easy week this week recovering from racing the week before but will now begin to do a lot of hard work in the boat to prepare for WC 3. We were encouraged by our speed in Varese but were not quite able to finish out the regatta the way we wanted. We are eager to fine tune some things and show up Lucerne ready to have a great regatta. More to come as we get closer to racing!



View from the Kiddy pool

29.Aug.2013 by John Graves


29.Aug.2013 by John Graves

Stormy day here in Chungju. Race officials moved racing to earlier in the day today due to severe wind and rain coming in this afternoon. As far as I know, they were successful in getting all of the scheduled racing in today. Because of the inclement weather, Ben and I practiced early this morning and will probably be staying indoors for the rest of the day. We race in the A/B Semifinal tomorrow afternoon at 1.30 pm Korean time, so 12.30 am eastern time. So far today has been a good opportunity to relax and continue to recoup from yesterday’s race and make sure that we are brimming with exuberance tomorrow for our race. Yesterday’s rep, while highly successful in placing us in the top 12, was extremely difficult. I think we probably made the classic mistake of launching too early for our race given the hot and humid conditions. We ended up baking in the sun for a little too long and by the time the race came, we seemed cooked. Luckily we were able to put together a good enough race to advance. That won’t be good enough tomorrow though. Tomorrow we will be up against the best doubles in the world and will need every trick we have to hang with the field. After our race yesterday, we were fortunate enough to get some good treatment from the trainers and a nice ice bath to jumpstart the recovery. Honestly, I have never been so happy hopping in a pool of 50 degree water.