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The Ibex Woolen Suit

25.Nov.2013 by Gordon Vermeer

Yesterday morning, my teammates and I completed our first training session of the Yellowstone Ski Festival 2013. Pretty standard stuff: single-digit temperatures, tremendous classic skiing (Extra Blue), and energetic attitudes.



GRP men out for a chilly day on the trails.


The remarkable thing, in hindsight, was how incredibly comfortable I was in the chilly clime. As every Nordic skier can confirm, the most pressing questions of any given day typically involve the wardrobe. It’s not uncommon to see an athlete standing over his open suitcase, two different pairs of gloves in hand, mumbling to himself.

But today, all of my problems were wondrously solved by Ibex, the Green Racing Project’s Presenting Partner. For four years now, Ibex has backed the Green Racing Project by providing us all sorts of summer and winter clothing, both for training and everyday living. All of the most recognizable GRP items – the black puffy jackets, the dark gray training clothes – are Ibex-made.

And today, more than ever before, I was thankful for their sponsorship. I was wearing what we’ve started to call a “woolen suit” – a complete Ibex outfit! I wore Ibex socks, long underwear tops and bottoms, jacket and pants, wind briefs, and gloves. Here’s more about everything I had on:


Crew Socks


Gordon’s foot.


The best training clothes are clothes you don’t notice, but this is true of nothing more so than socks. Cold feet are obviously the biggest concern, but weirdos like me also have to worry about hot feet. Mine tend to sweat a lot. Ibex Crew Socks are super soft and comfortable when you first pull them on, and then I forget entirely about them once they disappear in my boots. Conclusion: Warm enough for the cold days, wicking enough for the hot ones.


Woolies 150 Bottoms

I’ve always considered my legs to be my radiators. It’s just always been the case that if my legs are the right temperature, my whole body is happy. Ibex makes two thicknesses of Woolies (or under layers), 150 and 220 g/m^2. Both are great, but I find that the Woolies 150 are sufficient for the vigor of ski training and racing. So today I had Woolies 150 Bottoms underneath my race tights, and I stayed dry and warm all morning. Conclusion: Wonderfully light and dry.


Zepher Wind Boxer

Andrew Dougherty.

Andrew Dougherty.

Every male cross country skier owns and uses wind briefs. No exceptions. I’m afraid Ibex didn’t produce any of their Wind Boxers in 2013, but my 2012 versions are a standby. On a really cold day I’ll wear another layer of spandex underwear underneath, but I don’t really consider that a problem. In fact, versatility is a boon when it comes to underlayers. Conclusion: A necessity that comfortably performs.


Woolies 150 Long-Sleeve

It’s a great thing when 5-degree weather requires just one shirt and one jacket. Cold temperatures are often a problem because warm clothes make you sweat, but then sweat makes you cold. The great thing about Ibex Woolies is that they pull sweat away from the body, and even when they’re doused, wool is warm when wet. Plus the fit is long and slender, just like me. Conclusion: Great fit, and warm when wet. A one-piece solution.


Point 62 Glove


They look nice with my new Start poles.

“I can say, hands down, that this is the most incredible glove I’ve ever worn,” said my teammate Pete Hegman after 10 minutes of skiing today. What more needs be said? I didn’t even prompt him, I swear. I’ve got pretty wussy hands myself, and was hoping for some Ibex magic with this new pair gloves (today was their first use). And they totally delivered. My teammate Caitlin wore them today too, and the three of us couldn’t stop commenting on how warm and comfortable they were, especially given their thinness! Ibex magic, indeed. Conclusion: My new favorite pair of gloves for the cold days.


Woolies Breakaway Jacket & Pants

IMG_0776 - Copy

Alex S rockin’ the jacket at Smuggler’s Notch

Among this jacket’s many virtues is the fact that it never smells bad, despite daily (often 2x daily) use from November to March. I mean… that’s incredible. The Breakaway Jacket is my favorite Ibex item I’ve ever worn, and it may be sweet enough to keep me an Ibex customer long after my racing days are over. It’s warm but breathable (think of a wool sweater that’s as soft as fleece and has a softshell exterior) and has a good-looking fit. The pants are the same material and just as versatile; today I wore mine during the first, coldest minutes of my workout and then stripped down. Conclusion: I’ll recommend this jacket to anyone anywhere.


Wool Aire Hoody

canmore (25)

Alum Tim R in the Wool Aire Hoody.

Every ski team has its parka. Ours just happens to be stuffed with lofted wool instead of goose down or synthetic insulation. It’s much thinner than your average “puffy,” but over the Breakaway Jacket is warm enough for all but the coldest days. Since it’s a little lighter, we start using it much earlier in the fall. This is what you’ll see us wearing before and after skiing, during van rides, and in the airport (all of which happened in the last two days). Conclusion: A great take on the team-issue parka.



So what did I wear that wasn’t Ibex? Funny you should ask. The remainder of my gear came from a variety of other sponsors: Xium World Cup Classic Boots from Rossignol (a personal sponsor), the Swift Toque hat from Sauce (a GRP sponsor), and Genetyk shades from Rudy Project (also a GRP sponsor).

And here I am, sitting and writing this blog in our living room, wearing my Ibex Echo Sport T and Tuck Pants, a casual outfit I’ll be sporting for much of the next two weeks of our travels. The Ibex never stops. Many thanks for the comfort and performance, day-in and day-out.

2012-2013 GRPski Results Page

13.Apr.2013 by Gordon Vermeer

Hey everyone — All winter long, GRP skiing and biathlon results will be compiled in this post. As our racing takes us across the US and Europe, this will hopefully help you keep tabs on how we’re doing! Click through the links to see full results.


WEEK of NOV 12-NOV 18

Muonio, Finland (World Cup tune-ups: Ida)

Friday CL sprint: Ida 6th, 1st American

Saturday CL 5K: Ida 36th, 4th American


WEEK of NOV 19-NOV 25

West Yellowstone, Montana (SuperTour openers: Tim, Dylan, Pat, Bryan, Nils, Alex, Gordon, Caitlin, Clare, Amy, Maria)

Friday FR 9K Individual Men: Bryan 10th, Gordon 14th, Nils 16th, Tim 18th, Alex 27th, Dylan 35th, Pat 36th

Friday FR 9K Individual Women: Caitlin 3rd, Clare 13th, Maria 16th, Amy 41st

Saturday FR 1.6K Prologue Men: Dylan 7th, Gordon 11th, Pat 18th, Alex 19th, Tim 21st, Bryan 25th, Nils 34th

Saturday FR 1.6K Prologue Women: Caitlin 3rd, Maria 7th, Clare 16th, Amy 18th

Gaellivare, Sweden (World Cup openers: Ida)

Saturday FR 10K: Ida 53rd, 5th American

Craftsbury, Vermont (Craftsbury Opener: Hannah)

Saturday FR 5K: Hannah 1st

Ostersund, Sweden (IBU World Cup: Susan)

Sunday Mixed Relay: Americans (including Susan) 17th


WEEK of NOV 26-DEC 2

Bozeman, Montana (SuperTours: Tim, Dylan, Pat, Bryan, Nils, Alex, Gordon, Caitlin, Clare, Amy)

Thursday FR Sprint: Alex 4th (A Final), Pat 11th (Semifinals), Tim 17th, Dylan 26th, Gordon 28th, Nils 36th, Bryan 43rd; Caitlin 4th (A Final), Clare 13th, Amy 26th

Saturday CL Sprint: Caitlin 13th, Clare 17th, Amy 29th; Nils 2nd, Patrick 4th (A Final), Dylan 14th, Bryan 22nd, Gordon 25th, Alex 27th, Tim 33rd

Sunday CL 10/15K Mass: Caitlin 5th, Amy 14th, Clare 25th; Bryan 8th, Nils 15th, Dylan 21st, Gordon 24th, Patrick 25th, Tim 30th

Kuusamo, Finland (World Cup: Ida)

Friday CL Sprint: Ida 9th, 1st American

Saturday FR 5K: Ida 49th

Sunday CL 10K Pursuit: Ida 18th, 3rd American

Ostersund, Sweden (IBU World Cup: Susan)

Thursday 15K Individual: Susan 81st, 3rd American (1+1+3+2)

Saturday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 43rd, 1st American (2+2)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: Susan 39th, 1st (only to qualify) American (1+1+2+1)



Quebec City, Quebec (World Cup: Ida, Patrick)

Friday Women’s FR Team Sprint: Ida (+Holly Brooks) 9th

Friday Men’s FR Team Sprint: Pat (+Reese Hanneman) 19th

Saturday Women’s FR Sprint: Ida 44th

Saturday Men’s FR Sprint: Pat 53rd

Hochfilzen, Austria (Biathlon World Cup: Susan)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 31st, 1st American (0+2)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Susan 52nd, 2nd American (0+0+3+4)

Sunday 4x6K Relay: Americans 12th


WEEK of DEC 10-DEC 16

Canmore, Alberta (World Cup: Ida, Patrick, Caitlin, Nils)

Thursday CL Men’s 15K, Women’s 10K: Nils 57th; Ida 31st, Caitlin 50th

Saturday FR Sprint Men, Women: Patrick 67th; Ida 10th, Caitlin 66th

Sunday Skiathlon Men’s 30K, Women’s 15K: Nils 57th; Ida 14th, Caitlin 44th

Craftsbury, Vermont (Eastern Cup Openers: Amy, Clare, Maria, Tim, Bryan, Dylan, Gordon, Alex)

Saturday CL Sprint Men, Women: Alex 1st, Tim 2nd, Gordon 4th, Dylan 5th, Bryan 6th; Clare 4th, Amy 5th, Maria 9th

Sunday FR Men’s 12K, Women’s 9K: Bryan 1st, Gordon 2nd, Tim 9th, Alex 11th, Dylan 14th; Clare 2nd, Maria 4th, Amy 7th

Pokljuka, Slovenia (Biathlon World Cup: Susan)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 14th, 1st American (0+1)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Susan 38th (1+2+2+3)

Grand Rapids, Minnesota (IBU Cup Trials: Hannah)

Saturday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 2nd (2+2)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: Hannah 1st (0+1+2+1)

Monday Mass Start: Hannah 1st (1+0+1+1)


WEEK of DEC 17-DEC 23



WEEK of DEC 24-DEC 30

Gelsenkirchen, Germany (Biathlon exhibition race: Susan)

“Shoot-out”/Mass start/Pursuit: see FS writeup


WEEK of DEC 31-JAN 6

Park City, Utah (US Nationals: Tim, Pat, Dylan, Bryan, Alex, Nils, Gordon; Caitlin, Clare, Maria)

Wednesday CL Sprint: Alex 6th, Tim 25th, Gordon 30th, Pat 35th, Nils 36th, Bryan 49th, Dylan 58th; Caitlin 16th, Clare 18th

Friday FR Women’s 10K, Men’s 15K: Caitlin 5th, Clare 11th, Maria 14th; Dylan + Bryan 7th (tie), Alex 33rd, Gordon 42nd, Pat 44th, Nils 51st, Tim 83rd

Sunday CL Women’s 20K Mass, Men’s 30K Mass: Nils 24th, Bryan 32nd, Gordon 39th, Dylan 46th, Pat 51st; Caitlin 5th, Maria 25th, Clare 29th

Otepaa, Estonia (IBU Cup Biathlon: Hannah)

Saturday 15K Individual: Hannah 24th (0+4+0+3)

Sunday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 67th (3+5)


WEEK of JAN 7-JAN 13

Ostrov, Russia (IBU Cup Biathlon: Hannah)

Wednesday Mixed Relay: USA 7th

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 18th (1+2)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Hannah 16th (1+0+1+3)

Ruhpolding, Germany (Biathlon World Cup: Susan)

Wednesday 4x6K Relay: USA Women 13th

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 53rd (1+1)

Park City, Utah (US Nationals: Tim, Pat, Dylan, Bryan, Alex, Nils, Gordon; Caitlin, Clare, Maria)

Tuesday FR Sprint: Alex 3rd, Tim 9th, Dylan 18th, Gordon 23rd, Bryan 29th, Pat 32nd, Nils 37th; Caitlin 10th, Clare 21st, Maria 27th

Liberec, Czech Republic (World Cup: Ida)

Saturday CL Sprint: Ida 42nd

Sunday FR Team Sprint: Ida (and Sadie Bjornsen) 7th


WEEK of JAN 14-JAN 20

Minneapolis, MN (SuperTour: Pat, Dylan, Bryan, Alex, Nils, Gordon; Clare, Maria)

Saturday FR Women’s 5K, Men’s 10K Individual: Clare 5th, Maria 11th; Nils 5th, Bryan 8th, Dylan 10th, Alex 14th, Gordon 21st, Pat 24th

Sunday CL Men’s 20K, Women’s 15K Mass Start: Nils 10th, Bryan 11th, Pat 13th, Dylan 17th, Gordon 29th, Alex 44th; Clare 6th, Maria 13th

Antholz-Anterselva, Italy (Biathlon World Cup: Susan, Hannah)

Thursday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 49th (2+1), Hannah 81st (0+4)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Susan 44th (1+2+1+3)

Sunday 4x6K Relay: USA Women 10th (Hannah and Susan competed)

La Clusaz, France (World Cup: Ida)

Saturday 10K CL Mass Start: Ida 29th


WEEK of JAN 21-JAN 27

Minneapolis, MN (SuperTour: Pat, Dylan, Bryan, Alex, Nils, Gordon; Clare, Maria)

Friday CL Sprint: Pat 4th, Alex 7th, Dylan 9th, Nils 16th, Bryan 17th, Gordon 20th; Clare 6th

Saturday CL Individual 5/10K: Bryan 8th, Pat 10th, Nils 11th, Dylan 12th, Gordon 16th, Alex 20th

Sunday FR 10/15K Pursuit: Clare 4th, Maria 8th; Pat 4th, Nils 6th, Dylan 9th, Bryan 10th, Gordon 13th, Alex 15th

Marquette, Michigan (Noquemanon Ski Marathon: Maria)

Saturday 50K CL: Maria 2nd

Liberec, Czech Republic (U23 World Champs: Caitlin)

Tuesday CL Sprint: Caitlin 38th

Thursday 10K FR Individual: Caitlin 14th (top American)

Saturday 15K Skiathlon: Caitlin 19th (top American)


WEEK of JAN 28-FEB 3

Craftsbury, VT (Craftsbury Marathon: Nils, Bryan, Dylan, Gordon, Patrick, Alex)

Saturday 50K CL: Nils 2nd, Bryan 3rd, Dylan 4th, Patrick 5th, Alex 6th, Gordon 7th

Stowe, VT (Eastern Cups: Clare, Maria, Tim)

Saturday Women’s 5K, Men’s 10K Individual FR: Tim 6th, Maria 11th

Sunday 10K Individual CL: Clare 11th

Sochi, Russia (World Cup: Ida)

Friday FR Sprint: Ida 6th

Saturday 15K Skiathlon: Ida 37th

Sunday CL Team Sprint: Ida (+ Sadie Bjornsen) 5th


WEEK of FEB 4-FEB 10

Craftsbury, VT (Dartmouth Carnival: Nils, Bryan)

Friday 10K CL Individual:

Nove Mesto, Czech Republic (Biathlon World Championships: Susan, Hannah) — results here

Thursday Mixed Relay: USA (inc. Susan) 8th

Saturday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 49th (2+2), Hannah 71st (0+3)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: Susan 47th (top American; 1+1+2+1)

Madona, Latvia (Scando Cup: Caitlin)

Wednesday 5K CL: Caitlin 10th

Thursday 10K FR Mass: Caitlin 9th

Estonia (Scando Cup: Caitlin)

Saturday CL Sprint: Caitlin 22nd

Sunday FR Sprint: Caitlin 22nd


WEEK of FEB 11-17

Madison, WI (SuperTour: Pat, Tim, Dylan, Gordon, Bryan; Maria, Clare, Caitlin)

Saturday CL Sprint Men, Women: Caitlin 5th, Clare 6th, Maria 7th; Dylan 4th, Pat 6th, Tim 7th, Gordon 9th, Bryan 17th

Sunday FR Sprint: Tim 6th, Dylan 9th, Bryan 11th, Pat 12th, Gordon 14th; Caitlin 3rd, Clare 4th, Maria 7th

Davos, Switzerland (World Cup: Nils, Ida)

Saturday CL Sprint: Ida 18th

Sunday Men’s 15K FR: Nils 72nd

Nove Mesto, Czech Republic (Biathlon World Championships: Susan, Hannah) — results here

Wednesday 15K Individual: Susan 15th (1+0+1+0), Hannah 56th (1+1+1+2)

Friday 4x6K Relay: USA 11th


WEEK of FEB 18-24

Hayward, WI (American Birkebeiner: Tim, Dylan, Pat, Bryan, Gordon; Maria, Clare, Caitlin)

Saturday FR 50K: Bryan 15th, Patrick 20th, Gordon 25th, Dylan 29th, Tim 37th; Caitlin 3rd, Clare 8th

Val di Fiemme, Italy (World Championships: Ida, Nils)

Thursday CL Sprint Women, Men: Ida 33rd, Nils 61st

Saturday Skiathlon Ladies 15K, Men 30K: Ida 38th, Nils 59th

Sunday FR Team Sprint: Nils 21st


WEEK of FEB 25-MAR 3

Val di Fiemme, Italy (World Championships: Ida, Nils)

Wednesday 15K FR Ind: Nils 69th

Saturday CL Mass Start 30K Ladies: Ida 25th

Sunday CL Mass Start 50K Men: Nils 55th

Oslo, Norway (World Cup Biathlon: Susan, Hannah)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 61st, Susan 70th


WEEK of MAR 4-10

Samedan, Switzerland (Engadin Ski Marathon: Nils, Hannah)

Sunday42K FR Men, Women: Nils 51st; Hannah 25th

Lahti, Finland (World Cup: Ida)

Saturday FR Sprint: Ida 38th

Sunday 10K CL Individual: Ida 44th

Campo Carlomagno, Italy (Alpen Cup: Caitlin)

Saturday 5K CL: Caitlin 13th

Sunday 15K FR Mass: Caitlin 19th

Sochi, Russia (World Cup Biathlon: Susan)

Thursday 15K Individual: Susan 7th

Saturday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 25th

Bretton Woods, NH (Bretton Woods Marathon: Alex)

Saturday 50K CL: Alex 1st

Fort Kent, ME (Biathlon Nationals: Clare)

See results here.

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Clare 2nd

Saturday 10K Individual: Clare 2nd

Sunday 12.5K Mass Start: Clare 1st


WEEK of MAR 11-17

Sugarloaf, ME (Sugarloaf Marathon: Patrick)

Saturday 50K FR: Patrick 2nd

Drammen, Norway (World Cup: Ida)

Wednesday CL Sprint: Ida 48th


WEEK of MAR 18-24

Craftsbury, VT (GRP Spring Tour: Pat, Tim, Dylan, Gordon, Alex, Nils; Caitlin, Clare, Hannah)

Friday 3.5K CL Prologue Men, Women: Pat 1st, Nils 5th, Tim 9th, Alex 11th, Dylan 13th, Gordon 19th; Hannah 7th, Clare 10th

Saturday FR Sprint Men, Women: Pat 3rd, Dylan 9th, Alex 11th, Tim 12th, Gordon 26th, Nils 28th; Caitlin 2nd, Hannah 7th, Clare 8th

Sunday CL Pursuit Women 10K, Men 15K: Pat 3rd, Alex 5th, Dylan 10th, Tim 13th, Nils 14th; Hannah 2nd, Clare 5th

Stockholm + Falun, Sweden (World Cup Finals: Ida)

Wednesday CL Sprint: Ida 20th

Friday FR Prologue: Ida 38th

Saturday CL 10K Mass: Ida 29th

Sunday FR 10K Pursuit: Ida 37th


WEEK of MAR 25-31



WEEK of APR 1-7

Truckee, California (SuperTour Finals/Distance Nats: Tim, Bryan, Pat, Dylan, Nils, Alex; Hannah, Ida, Susan, Caitlin, Clare)

Thursday 3.3K FR Prologue Women, Men: Susan 5th, Caitlin 9th, Ida 13th, Hannah 17th, Clare 21st; Patrick 5th, Nils 8th, Tim 10th, Dylan 13th, Bryan 14th, Alex 56th

Friday CL Mass Start 15K Men, 10K Women: Patrick 8th, Dylan 14th, Bryan 19th, Tim 23rd, Nils 24th; Ida 6th, Hannah 11th, Susan 12th, Caitlin 15th, Clare 27th

Saturday CL Sprint Men, Women: Pat 2nd, Tim 4th, Dylan 21st, Alex 31st, Bryan 32nd, Nils 36th; Ida 2nd, Susan 6th, Hannah 12th, Caitlin 17th, Clare 32nd


WEEK of APR 8-14

Truckee, California (SuperTour Finals/Distance Nats: Tim, Bryan, Pat, Dylan, Nils, Alex; Hannah, Ida, Susan, Caitlin, Clare)

Monday FR 6K Hill Climb WomenMen: Susan 8th, Caitlin 12th, Hannah 16th, Clare 23rd; Pat 6th, Dylan 20th, Nils 21st

Wednesday Women’s 30K Classic Mass: Susan 17th, Caitlin 18th, Clare 32nd

Thursday Men’s 50K Classic Mass: Pat 8th, Tim 19th, Dylan 29th, Nils 31st, Alex 39th


Music Video from Craftsbury Nordic Ski Club

23.Mar.2013 by Gordon Vermeer

What to do with mid-winter (aka beautiful) skiing conditions at the end of March? Why, make a music video, of course. The Craftsbury Nordic Ski Club presents, “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Gangnam”.


New GRPski Video Blog: Birkie & Caitlin Patterson

10.Mar.2013 by Gordon Vermeer

Check it out here!


And see Craftsbury’s Youtube channel for earlier editions of the video blog.