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Bluebird Sunshine

9.Feb.2012 by Dylan McGuffin

Since leaving the Midwest, things have really changed for the GRP boys. Now I am not saying I don’t miss the land of hot dish, the Packers, “ho-dee-doh” and “you bet your bippy”, but the west has a slightly different flavor. Our first weekend of racing, west of the Rockies brought us to Ketchum, home of elk, bluebird skies, about 6 feet of beautiful, perfect, fluffy powder, the best burrito I have ever had and the Boulder Mountain Tour.


Sun Valley Sunshine

After arriving in Sun Valley, we went for the first ski of the year consisting of entirely natural snow. What a nice change! Skiing for 10, 20, 30+ Km without crossing your tracks of making a loop was pretty sweet! The snow was basically perfect everyday, as was the weather, consistently 30 degrees and bluebird, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.


A taste of that western climate and trails

For those of you in the east unfamiliar with phenomenon, we occasionally will experience this in March or April for a few awesome days. Out here the Sun Gods have really been following us and it is NICE. But as a die-hard easterner, I still maintain that I would definitly, eventually, most-likely get sick of perfect weather every day, at least I think that I would….

What’s in Tim’s ear…?

22.Nov.2011 by Dylan McGuffin

As you might have heard, there is not an excess of activities here in Mounio. When I’m not skiing or eating or writing blogs, I’ve taken up a small pet project helping my friend Tim with a little problem. There is something blocking his left ear. We are not sure what it is, perhaps a buildup of wax from his flowing locks, or some foreign object that has been lodged inside. Could it be a bug? Or maybe a raisin? I am told that gnomes also make their home in this part of the world, and one could possibly have made a home inside Tim’s head.

Righteous Flow

Righteous Flow

No clues yet, but here are some of the dislodging techniques we’ve tried…


Conventional ear wax dissolver... No luck.


Old faithful Q-tip... nothing.


Oh a dish soap bottle filled with warm water shooting into Tim's ear... yeah that didn't work.


Really thought this last thing would work…

There has been no luck getting anything out of Tim’s ear thus far. We have determined that it is quite possibly water, but really it could be anything. If anyone has any old tyme remedies or gypsy magic that you think may help, feel free to drop us a line.

My First Marathon

2.Feb.2011 by Dylan McGuffin

The Marathon this past weekend represented the culmination of a lot of hard work by the Craftsbury Nordic Center staff. Whether it was planning, organizing volunteers, grooming or shoveling snow onto the course, everyone pitched in to make the 30th Craftsbury Marathon a spectacular event!

Craftsbury Marathon 2011 Start

Craftsbury Marathon 2011 Start

The Craftsbury Marathon  was actually my first 50k race in 10 years of ski racing. I enjoyed the marathon immensely for both aesthetic and competitive aspects. I went into the race not really knowing what to expect. It is said that when training for a running marathon, you can only prepare for the first 20 miles of the race, after that you have little idea what your body will do. This thought was in the back of my mind throughout the marathon. I went out reasonably conservatively with the lead pack, hoping to maintain this pace for the first half of race, but at about 10k the remainder of my first marathon turned into an individual start 40k race. I lost the 2 leaders, multi-time runner-up Justin Freeman and eventual winner GRP’s Pat O’Brien, but managed to stay ahead of the chase pack. I was just dangling out in no man’s land with the leaders in sight, but not able to maintain a connection due to sub par waxing, another rookie mistake.

At 35k I realized that I had never raced this far, followed by a second realization that I actua

lly still felt pretty good and there was only 15k left in the race. I think this was a turning point for me. I had been eating plenty, and my energy level was still high. I knew I’d have enough to hold my own to the finish.

It was a pleasure to do my first Marathon in Craftsbury, on my home trails with the support of staff and locals. The weather was perfect, grooming impeccable and race support was superb.  The 2011 Craftsbury Marathon undoubtedly goes right to the top of my list of favorite races. Only 363 days until next year’s marathon. See you there!

From Trees to Lumber

9.Nov.2010 by Dylan McGuffin
Starting with a tree...

Starting with a tree...

A year’s worth of trail work and clearing projects around the Craftsbury Outdoor Center have added up to one giant log pile, towering over Elinor’s field.  Will Strong, a colorful Craftsbury native and current Wolcot resident  brought in his portable saw-mill to turn our log pile into some lumba’ and a big pile of sawdust for various COC projects. Will made quick work of the pile, milling about 30 logs or about 1000 board feet per day as he said his goal was to “get outa he’ya befo’ah the snow flies”. He may have jinxed himself, as almost everyday he spent at Elinors there were flurries, but Will didn’t let this slow him down. Logs were mostly milled for optimal utilization, but some of the cedar logs were milled in half for use in the up coming nature trail through Craftsbury’s scenic swamp. The rest of the lumber will be stacked at the center. Feel free to stop by and watch the exciting lumber drying process!

The finshed product

The finshed product