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Archive for the ‘Race Reports’ Category

Men’s Double Sculls Racing Report

11.Jul.2015 by Ben Dann

Hey There Sports Fans,


Ben here to update those interested in progress of the Men’s Double Sculls event at the 3rd World Cup in Lucerne.

I last wrote in the beginning of this week, touching upon our positive feelings of progress and excitement to race. In the present moment, I feel the same way I did last Sunday, but this past week has been a puzzling and rocky ride.  John and I tend to feel quite comfortable rowing together, but since the first time the boat touched water on the Rotsee, we have had the roughest time negotiating the boat’s stability.

Once crews start to arrive at the course, opportunities to practice in flat water rapidly disappear. If a boat is not going well or something feels off, the problems only amplify with increasingly challenging and unpredictable water.  Bless the Rotsee for being the best rowing course in the world, but curse it for the tempest it becomes during race week.  You have to love rowing for throwing you those extra hurdles.

That being said, John and I have been fighting tooth and nail to prove ourselves a relevant crew, and with some success.  Our 3rd quarter of the race has improved undoubtedly, which I couldn’t have said earlier this season.  However, we are learning our lessons the hard way, and our inability to create a stable platform has cost us a lot of speed overall.  We have kept a good attitude, which I see as one of our strengths, and I feel confident we will work through this problem and come out as better rowers. Part of the benefit of rowing in World Cups is figuring out how to correct kinks so as not to encounter them when it counts the most at World Championships.

Going forward, John and I will race the B final tomorrow, giving us one more chance at qualifying for Worlds through the World Cup by finishing top 7.  A.k.a. we have to win tomorrow to forgo trials.

We will kick of 9:30 am Swiss time.

Lane 5

Competing against: Serbia, France, Latvia, Norway, and Denmark.

Over and Out,



Princeton, Our Second Home

22.May.2015 by Maggie Fellows


It seems like the Clarion Hotel in New Jersey has become our second home because we have spent so much time there the past few weeks!  The rowers were there at the end of April for the first National Selection Regatta and then we returned again a few weeks later for the second NSR as well as Pan American Games Trials (a 10 day stint for me, Sonshine, and Dan).  It is so nice to finally be back in Craftsbury!

At both the NSR and PanAm trials Craftsbury was well represented by some close racing.  Check out the Outdoor Center webpage for write-ups on results: NSR II and Pan Am Trials, or look here for full results: NSR II Results and Pan Am Trials Results.

I don’t have any photos that I took to share, but here are a few pictures from the PanAm trials that are on the row2k website.  Most rowers are very familiar with this site and immediately after a race look to see the candid pics, but for those of you who haven’t seen these before I thought I would share.


Women's 1x semifinal at PanAm trials.

Women’s 1x semifinal at PanAm trials.

Erik and Andrew in the Men's 2x.

Erik and Andrew in the Men’s 2x.

GRP's Hugh McAdam with Matt O'Leary  in the Lightweight Men's 2x

GRP’s Hugh McAdam with Matt O’Leary in the Lightweight Men’s 2x.

Phil Grisdela with Riverside Boat Club's Tobin McGee.

Phil Grisdela with Riverside Boat Club’s Tobin McGee.


USRowing also has photographers at the events:


Hugh and Matt

Hugh and Matt.



Griz and McGee at the start.

Griz and McGee at the start.



And, here are a few original drawings from my budding artistic career to illustrate some of my adventures while away from the Center.


goose updated



Once, when I was going for a short jog along the canal behind the hotel, I surprised a bird of prey that was about to eat a gosling. When it saw me coming, it flew away and the baby goose sprinted into the poison ivy and then rejoined its honking family.  Good for the geese, not so good for the other bird!


fish paint


Another day during rowing practice hours at the course, I had a run in with a large fish.  It leapt out of the water and landed in my boat, on my rigger.  It is hard to say which of us was more surprised!  After a few aggressive flops it managed to jump back into the water.

So that’s all for now!  We will all be back at Craftsbury for a few weeks and then split off a bit to different races.

GRP Ski/Biathlon Results 2014-15

7.Mar.2015 by Gordon Vermeer

Hey folks, iiiiiit’s back! Want to keep track of how the GRP Ski & Biathlon Team is doing this season? Check back on this blog. I’ll be updating this same post frequently throughout the season, and re-posting it to the top of the blog roll every once in a while. With comments or questions or complaints, shoot me an email at Most recent week on top. –Gordo




Konitolahti, Finland (IBU World Championships)

Thursday Mixed Relay: USA 8th (including Susan and Hannah)

Saturday 7.5k Sprint: Clare 40th (2+2), Susan 42nd (1+2), Hannah 61st (4+2)

Sunday 10k Pursuit: Susan 34th (1+1+2+2), Clare 52nd  (1+1+3+2)


Lahti, Finland (FIS World Cup)

Saturday FR Sprint: Ida 43rd, Caitlin 51st

Sunday CL 10k: Caitlin 50th


Bretton Woods, NH

Saturday 42 CL Marathon: Gordon 1st, Andrew 3rd, Pete 6th


Eisenerz, Austria (FIS Race)

Saturday 7.5k CL: Liz 11th





Rogla, Slovenia (Alpen Cup)

Saturday FR Sprint: Caitlin 14th, Liz 21st

Sunday 15k CL Mass Start: Caitlin 9th, Liz 20th





Falun, Sweden (FIS World Championships)

Thursday CL Sprint: Ida 29th


Hayward, WI (American Birkebeiner)

Saturday 50k FR Marathon: Caitlin 5th, Kait 18th; Andrew 21st, Gordon 23rd





Oslo, Norway (IBU World Cup)

Thursday 15k: Susan 11th (0+1+0+1), Hannah 33rd (0+3+0+0), Clare 82nd (1+1+1+3)

Saturday 7.5k Sprint: Hannah 16th (0+0), Susan 69th (3+1), Clare 91st (2+4)

Sunday 4x6k Relay: USA 18th (including all 3 ladies)


Oestersund, Sweden (FIS World Cup)

Saturday CL Sprint: Ida 41st


Hanover/Holderness, NH (Eastern Cup)

Saturday 10k FR: Gordon 2nd, Pete 3rd, Andrew 5th, Alex S 30th

Sunday 10k CL: Gordon 2nd, Andrew 3rd, Alex 4th, Pete 5th


Middlebury, VT (EISA Carnival)

Saturday 5k FR: Liz 7th





Craftsbury, VT (SuperTour Weekend #2, EC, EISA)

Friday FR Sprint Ladies, Men: Kait 6th, Caitlin 8th, Emily D 29th; Alex H 9th, Gordon 17th, Alex S 21st, Mike 25th, Pete 28th, Jake 40th, Ethan 47th

Saturday FR Individual 10k Ladies, Men: Caitlin 7th, Kait 11th, Alex H 6th, Gordon 14th, Pete 24th, Andrew 30th, Jake 37th, Alex S 76th

Sunday CL Mass Start 10k Ladies, 15k Men: Kait 4th, Caitlin 5th, Emily D 14th; Gordon 2nd, Andrew 9th, Alex H 13th, Pete 15th, Alex S 21st, Jake 22nd


Jericho, VT (Biathlon NorAm)

Saturday 10k Sprint: Ethan 1st, Mike 2nd

Sunday 12.5k Pursuit: Ethan 2nd, Mike 3rd


Nove Mesto, Czech Republic (IBU World Cup)

Friday Mixed Relay: USA 7th (including Susan and Hannah)

Saturday 7.5k Sprint: Susan 9th (0+1), Hannah 39th (0+2), Clare 73rd (0+4)

Sunday 10k Pursuit: Susan 18th (2+0+1+2), Hannah 41st (1+2+3+2)





Craftsbury, VT (SuperTour Weekend #1)

Friday CL Mass Start 20k Ladies, 30k Men: Caitlin 1st, Kait 5th, Liz 8th Emily D 10th; Andrew 9th, Gordon 10th, Pete 14th, Alex H 16th, Alex S 17th, Jake 18th

Sunday CL Sprint Ladies, Men: Liz 2nd, Emily D 6th, Kait 8th; Alex S 9th, Gordon 10th, Alex H 13th, Ethan 15th, Andrew 17th, Pete 21st, Jake 22nd, Mike 27th





Rybinsk, Russia (FIS World Cup)

Saturday FR Sprint: Ida 13th

Sunday 15k Skiathlon: Ida 35th


Antholz-Anterselva, Italy (IBU World Cup)

Friday 7.5k Sprint: Susan 8th (0+1), Hannah 60th (1+2)

Saturday 10k Pursuit: Susan 6th (0+1+0+0), Hannah 42nd (1+1+1+1)

Sunday 4x6k Relay: USA 12th (including Clare, Susan, and Hannah)


Stowe, VT (EISA Carnival)

Saturday CL Mass Start 10k Ladies, 15k Men: Caitlin 1st; Gordon 4th, Andrew 7th





Rumford, ME (Eastern Cup)

Saturday FR 5k Ladies, 10k Men: Caitlin 1st, Liz 4th, Kait 10th; Gordon 7th, Pete 10th, Alex S 42nd

Sunday CL Sprint: Pete 2nd, Gordon 3rd, Alex S 7th; Liz 1st, Kait 2nd, Caitlin 3rd


Otepaa, Estonia (FIS World Cup)

Saturday CL Sprint: Ida 43rd

Sunday FR Team Sprint: Ida (with Rosie Brennan) 6th


Ruhpolding, Germany (IBU World Cup)

Wednesday 4x6k Relay: USA 19th (including Hannah and Susan)

Friday 7.5k Sprint: Susan 26th (0+1), Hannah 77th (2+1)

Sunday 12.5k Mass Start: Susan 16th (0+1+0+2)


Ridnaun-Val Ridanna, Italy (IBU Cup)

Friday 7.5k Sprint: Clare 32nd (0+0)

Saturday 10k Pursuit: Clare 45th (2+1+3+2)

Sunday Mixed Relay: USA 22nd (including Clare)


Hochfilzen, Austria (Biathlon)

Friday Sprint: Mike 7th, Ethan 11th

Saturday Individual: Ethan 6th, Mike 9th





Houghton, MI (US Nationals — cont’d)

Tuesday CL Sprint: Gordon 16th, Alex H 20th, Pete 50th, Alex S 57th, Andrew 108th

Thursday CL Mass Start 30k Men, 20k Ladies: Andrew 17th, Gordon 20th, Alex H 30th, Pete 32nd, Alex S 55th, Jake 66th; Caitlin 2nd, Liz 6th, Kait 13th

Saturday FR Sprint: Caitlin 8th, Liz 10th, Kait 25th; Alex H 17th, Gordon 23rd, Alex S 27th, Jake 38th, Pete 42nd, Andrew 60th


Val Mustair, Switzerland & Toblach, Italy (FIS World Cup Tour de Ski — cont’d)

Tuesday FR Sprint: Ida 56th

Wednesday CL 5k: Ida 46th


Oberhof, Germany (IBU World Cup 4)

Friday 7.5k Sprint: Susan 21st (2+1), Hannah 37th (0+2)

Sunday 12.5k Mass Start: Susan 27th (3+1+1+3)


Duszniki Zdroj, Poland (IBU Cup 4)

Saturday 7.5k Sprint: Clare 77th (2+3)






Houghton, MI (US Nationals)

Sunday FR Individual 15k Men, 10k Ladies: Gordon 18th, Alex H 34th, Pete 58th, Andrew 71st, Jake 85th; Caitlin 4th, Liz 18th


Oberstdorf, Germany (FIS World Cup Tour de Ski)

Saturday 3k FR Prologue: Ida 58th

Sunday 10k CL Pursuit: Ida 40th











Grand Rapids, MN (IBU Trials — cont’d)

Tuesday Mass Start 12.5k Ladies, 15k Men: Clare 4th (2+0+4+3), Liz 5th (1+1+3+4); Mike 7th (2+1+4+2), Ethan 8th (2+1+2+1)


Middlebury, VT (NENSA Eastern Cup)

Saturday Individual CL 5k Ladies, 10k Men: Kait 4th; Gordon 2nd, Andrew 5th, Alex H 6th, Pete 7th, Alex S 10th, Jake 11th

Sunday Mass Start FR 10k Ladies, 15k Men: Kait 4th; Gordon 2nd, Pete 5th, Jake 7th, Andrew 8th, Alex H 12th, Alex S 17th, Ethan 32nd


Davos, Switzerland (FIS World Cup)

Sunday FR Sprint: Ida 29th


Pokljuka, Slovenia (IBU World Cup 3)

Thursday 7.5k Sprint: Hannah 17th (0+0) (World Cup PB), Susan 19th (1+1)

Saturday 10k Pursuit: Susan 28th (0+1+1+3), Hannah 56th (2+2+0+2)

Sunday 12.5k Mass Start: Susan 22nd (2+1+1+0)





Hochfilzen, Austria (IBU World Cup 2)

Friday 7.5k Sprint: Susan 29th (1+1), Hannah 78th (1+2)

Saturday Relay: (no American team)

Sunday 10k Pursuit: Susan 27th (0+0+2+2)


Davos, Switzerland (FIS World Cup)

Saturday CL 10k: Ida 47th

Sunday FR Sprint: Ida 16th


Grand Rapids, MN (IBU Trials)

Saturday Sprint 10k Men, 7.5k Ladies: Ethan 4th (1+1), Mike 7th (3+1); Clare 4th (1+3), Liz 6th (2+5)

Sunday Sprint 10k Men, 7.5k Ladies: Mike 6th (3+2), Ethan 11th (2+5); Clare 2nd (2+1), Liz 5th (2+4)





Canmore, Alberta (Biathlon NorAm)

Saturday Sprint Ladies, Men: Clare 2nd (0+3); Mike 6th (2+1), Ethan 11th (0+2)

Sunday Mass Start Ladies, Men: Mike 7th (2+1+2+2), Ethan 8th (2+1+1+2); Clare 1st (0+0+2+2)


Bozeman, Montana (SuperTour)

Saturday CL Sprint Ladies, Men: Caitlin 3rd, Liz 7th, Kait 8th; Gordon 15th, Pete 20th, Alex H 23rd, Alex Schulz 31st, Andrew 38th, Jake 43rd

Sunday CL Mass 10k Ladies, 15k Men: Caitlin 4th, Liz 7th, Kait 9th; Alex H 22nd, Andrew 25th, Gordon 26th, Jake 29th, Alex S 40th, Pete 42nd


Lillehammer, Norway (FIS World Cup)

Friday FR Sprint: Ida 52nd

Saturday FR 5k Individual: Ida 79th

Sunday CL 10k Pursuit: Ida DNS


Oestersund, Sweden (IBU World Cup 1)

Thursday 15k Individual: Susan 21st (0+2+0+1), Hannah 86th (3+0+1+3)

Saturday 7.5k Sprint: Susan 41st (1+2), Hannah 81st (2+1)

Sunday 10k Pursuit: Susan 19th (0+2+1+0), Hannah did not qualify





Kuusamo, Finland (FIS World Cup)

Saturday CL Sprint: Ida 5th

Sunday CL 10k: Ida 51st


Oestersund, Sweden (IBU World Cup 1)

Sunday Mixed Relay: USA (including Susan) 7th


West Yellowstone, Montana (SuperTour)

Friday FR Sprint Men (Qualifier), Ladies: Alex S 14th, Alex H 22nd, Gordon 28th, Pete 34th, Andrew 45th, Jake 48th; Caitlin 8th, Liz 29th, Kait 30th

Friday Individual Ladies 10k, Men 15k: Caitlin 4th, Liz 14th, Kait 38th; Jake 33rd, Pete 35th, Alex H 39th, Gordon 41st, Andrew 45th, Alex S 58th

Rogla OPA Cup racing, and other scenes of Slovenia

4.Mar.2015 by Caitlin Patterson

Liz Guiney and I traveled to Europe early last week to join the US OPA Cup group and gain experience racing in competitive European ski races.  The OPA Cup (also known as Europa Cup or Alpen Cup) is the central-European equivalent to the US Supertour – it’s a race series that spans the entire winter, where the fastest non-World Cup German, French, Italian, Slovenian, Swiss and Austrian (and maybe a few other countries…) athletes compete ranking points that can give them World Cup start spots, and for general recognition.  Since these races are in Europe and relatively close to much of the World Cup circuit, many racers will bounce back and forth between World Cups and OPA, depending on whether they’re racing well and if their country has spots for them in the World Cup.  So when athletes from guest nations, such as the USA and Canada, show up to race, we have the opportunity to test ourselves against many experienced racers, but with the potential to actually do well and build our confidence, helping us develop to be the level of skier who can compete on the World Cup. The US Ski Team has put together an organized trip to travel around and race many of these OPA cups in February and March, and Liz and I were fortunate enough to have good results at US Nationals in January that allowed us to qualify for the trip.  Although it would be great if anyone who wanted to race could make the trip, unfortunately resources are limited, logistics get complicated with more people, and as a “guest nation” the US is only allotted one tiny wax cabin at the venue, so this year there was a stringent criteria set up for determining who could attend the trip.  Thank you to NNF (the National Nordic Foundation) and the Craftsbury GRP for supporting our skiing development through this trip!

Liz and I in our US gear after a session of classic intervals

Liz and I in our US gear after a session of classic intervals

So, with that background of why we travelled all the way to Europe for a few ski races… Last weekend’s OPA races were in Rogla, Slovenia, so Liz and I flew from the US to Ljublijana, Slovenia.  From Ljublijana it was about a 1.5-2 hour drive to Zrece, a town in the valley below Rogla where we would be staying.  Past years the US athletes had apparently been able to stay up “on the mountain” at Rogla itself, but this year it was some kind of European holiday and the organizers of the event preferred for us to stay down in the village.  It was actually pretty nice, the village had no snow at all, great for afternoon jogs, and the 40-50+ F weather was the warmest I’ve had since the fall.  We did have to take a horribly twisty road up and down from the venue to ski each day, but at least at the top there was plenty of snow and sun shining through on a few days!

Each morning we skied in Rogla, and then generally hurried down to watch skiing World Championship races from Falun, SWE on Eurosport. Down in the town of Zrece, we went on afternoon jogs, one of which included an excursion up the hill to a few churches, wandered to the grocery store for snacks, and visited really cool castle ruins just 7 kilometers away from our hotel!  And then, before we knew it, it was the weekend and race time – skate sprint on Saturday, classic 15k and 30k mass starts on Sunday.  The races went well, but not perfectly – definitely a learning experience for me, about not hesitating, ever, in a sprint race, and about how to ski with minimal kick during a hilly 15k (take advantage of the  downhills, and run the uphills).  While the results, numbers-wise, were not quite everything I was hoping for, I was very happy with my effort and race feelings! To do a 1.2k skate sprint just one week after the 51k Birkie, and feel snappy and awake, is a feat in itself for me.  Now I’m on to Lahti, Finland to race in the World Cup this weekend! It’s an exciting time for GRP skiers, with the World Cup biathletes (Susan, Hannah, Clare) about to start their World Championships, Ethan racing in the IBU Cups in Canmore, Ida and I here at the skiing World Cup in Lahti, and Liz racing this coming weekend in Austria.  Check back for more stories coming soon, and enjoy the photos!

For further reading about our experiences, check out Liz and my personal blogs, where we’ve been posting additional stories and pictures about our trips: and

Also, I wrote about the classic mass start races at OPA for NNF, which you can read here:

Liz Guiney and Chelsea Holmes skate through mashed-potatoes snow a few days before the races in Rogla

Liz and Chelsea Holmes skate through mashed-potatoes snow several days before the races in Rogla

Through the woods to the church

Through the woods to the church

An afternoon jog into the woods and up to a church on top of the hill

An afternoon jog into the woods and up to a church on top of the hill

Church on the hilltop above Zrece

Church on the hilltop above Zrece

Looking down into the valley in Slovenia where we stayed

Looking down into the valley in Slovenia where we stayed

The Konjice Castle ruins, nestled in the hills above the town of Slovenske Konjice, which was only about 7km from the village of Zrece where our OPA group stayed

The Konjice Castle ruins, nestled in the hills above the town of Slovenske Konjice, which was only about 7km from our hotel in Zrece

The central courtyard of the castle, complete with green grass

The central courtyard of the castle, complete with green grass in February!

Arrow slits overlooking the valley

Arrow slits overlooking the valley

One of the newest parts of the castle

One of the newest parts of the castle

Liz on the castle walls

Liz on the castle walls

Cavern, with lock-able gate, under the castle

Cavern, with lock-able gate, under the castle

Lead men's pack descending on the 2nd lap

Lead men’s pack descending on the 2nd lap of 6 during their 30k mass start classic race. Look closely to see the stars-and-stripes USA suits – my brother Scott Patterson is 4th from the top, and Eric Packer is 2nd from the top, they ended up 10th and 13th place.

The lead pack of men early in the race

The lead pack of men early in the race

Bryan Fish and GRP alum-now coach Pat O'Brien prepare to give feeds to the men in the 30k classic

Bryan Fish and GRP alum-now coach Pat O’Brien prepare to give feeds to the men in the 30k classic. Pat raced in a “wax tech relay” on Saturday, and though I didn’t see it myself, apparently he threw down some impressive super-speed turnover

The junior men's race passing by a tracked snow vehicle

The junior men’s race passing by a tracked snow vehicle

Lex Treinen loops through the fields

Lex Treinen loops through the fields

Feeding and cheering

Pat O’Brien feeding and cheering, as Reese Hanneman passes by in the 30k

Miles Havlick and Eric Packer collecting feeds during their 30k

Miles Havlick and Eric Packer collecting feeds during their 30k

Liz and Becca Rorabaugh

Liz and Becca Rorabaugh enjoying the sun and spectating