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Archive for the ‘Misc’ Category

Resting up in Sweden

21.Nov.2015 by Ida Sargent

The race season officially started for our team today in Gallivare, Sweden.  I had been looking forward to this date for quite some time and it was hard to mask my disappointment and frustration this morning when I woke up sick with a sore throat.  There wasn’t anything I would rather have done than put on my new stars and stripes race suit with a bib on top and hammer til my lungs burned.  It didn’t seem fair that I got the achy lungs without the satisfaction of a hard effort.  I longingly looked out over the fresh snow which had fallen over the last several days and settled into perfect ski conditions.  As a ski racer, everything seems to revolve around the delicate balance of staying healthy.  Colds or other bugs which would be minor to most quickly turn devastating to Nordic skiers.  My mind started to wander toward the what ifs and worries from missing races and training. So I spent the day coming up with ways to stay busy and happy in a lonely European hotel room far from home.  Here’s a list of some of my top activities from the day

  • Organizing my email inbox
  • Reading Shantaram, a 946 page novel that I highly recommend
  • Coloring in a coloring book- surprisingly soothing and healing
  • Seeing how slowly I can chew raw garlic
  • Drinking cup after cup of tea
  • Researching online graduate school classes
  • Short walks
  • Yoga
  • And of course…. blogging!

I have my fingers crossed for a fast recovery so I can be back on the ski trails soon!  Here are some pictures of Gallivare from earlier in the week and from a walk earlier today.

Skiing!  So much fun to be back on snow in winter and can’t wait to get out there again!

The Hellner Stadium in Gallivare on a snowy day!  Swedish skier and Olympic Champion Marcus Hellner lives and trains in Gallivare

The stoke level is high for the start of the season.  Here are Erik Bjornsen, Tim Baucom, and Caitlin Gregg
Smiles and warm hands with my new TOKO mittens
Arctic sunrise (and sunset as my brother-in-law Linden pointed out) one morning at our hotel

Dr. Seuss looking trees

Looking down on the mining town of Gallivare from our hotel

Dundret, the alpine resort where we are staying

Alpine ski trails I found on a walk

The view from north of the Arctic Circle

Coloring book art

My room at home :) My parents put a new mattress in my bedroom at home and sent me the picture of my room which stirred up some strong feelings of homesickness.  Time to focus on the good adventures ahead!

On-Snow Camp at Forêt Montmorency

15.Nov.2015 by Liz Guiney

A week and half ago the GRP skiers had the opportunity to venture far north to the land of poutine, loonies, maple syrup heists and the Mounties. You guessed it, Quebec! About an hour north of Quebec City the touring center in Forêt was able to roll out a 2.5k loop of real snow. Like Frozen Thunder in Canmore, “La Glisse Boréale” is made entirely out of last season’s snow that is blown into a large pile and spends the summer under sawdust. Aside from the sawdust bits that tended to accumulate on our topsheets and in our klister, the quality of the skiing was really good for early season skiing. Plus nothing beats the elation of getting back on snow for the first time! Forét did a really good job of creating a loop with twists and turns and ups and downs so we could practice transitions (often something that’s missing from rollerski training), and even after 6 ski sessions the loop never really got boring.

The goal of the camp was to incorporate lots of intensity on snow, so we packed level 4 intervals, tempo work, speeds, and a time trial into our 4 days there. With nearly four hours on snow every day, it was an exhausting but ultimately productive camp. We also had the chance to try out our new gear from Craft and Skida, which kept the Québécois junior teams on their feet as the green army rolled by.

All skiing photos are from Caitlin Patterson, who ventured out into the woods with her camera even though she was sick. Thanks Caitlin! Also thanks to Craft for providing our new race suits, warmups, and jackets. They look great, and we can’t wait to throw some race bibs on top in a few weeks.


Casey and Mike hammering out L4 skate intervals on the big hill on the course

Casey and Mike hammering out L4 skate intervals on the big hill on the course

Ida goes for some airtime around a corner

Ida goes for airtime around a corner

Pepa took advantage of the short loop to get lactates and take video

Pepa took advantage of the short loop to get lactates and take video


Pretty cool boreal forest in this part of Canada

Part of the women's team- all smiles after completing our time trial and modeling our new Craft suits

Part of the women’s team- all smiles after completing our time trial and modeling our new Craft suits

This is how Pepa gets so good at no-pole skating..

This is how Pepa gets so good at no-pole skating..

Finishing up a long afternoon classic ski with Heather

Heather and I finishing up a long afternoon classic ski




Green on green on green


Captures the mood of the camp pretty well!


Kait Miller

The entire team sporting our new gear and ready for race season! L to R

The entire team sporting our new gear and ready for race season! L to R Ida Sargent, Kaitlynn Miller, Mike Gibson, Caitlin Patterson, Emily Dreissigacker, Coach Pepa, Liz Guiney, Casey Smith, Alex Howe, Heather Mooney, Ethan Dreissigacker (missing biathletes Susan Dunklee, Clare Egan, and Hannah Dreissigacker and skier Hallie Grossman)

Next up on the GRP docket- ski season is almost here. In the month of November, Susan, Hannah, and Clare are starting on the World Cup Biathlon circuit, Ida is racing Cross Country World Cups, and the rest of the skiers have USSA SuperTours in West Yellowstone. Make sure to follow along on our Facebook page and Instagram (@greenracingproject)!

Dachstein Mountain Tour

17.Sep.2015 by Alex Howe

When there is no skiing in Austria the only thing that makes sense to me is to go hiking! We planned out what we thought would be a good 5-6 hour hike and started into the mountains.



The group was Emily, Ethan, Caitlin, and myself for the first section. Then Caitlin was going to join Nick for some Kletterstieg once we put some miles in.



We decided to take an out and back over a pass to get a view from them top. The pass had some unexpected Kletterstieg in it, but we scrambled up anyways.



Caitlin was stoked to be in the mountains. She bought some new climbing equipment so she and Nick could venture up some tougher ascents.



This is the group coming down the second pass. After this we ran along some scree fields and were supposed to meet Pepa at the Sudwandhutte, which sits below the tram to the glacier.



Here you can see the scree fields to the left. The trail took us across those before heading up some steep switchbacks.



Bathroom break at the Sudwandhutte. Pepa was nowhere in sight.



Above the Sudwandhutte. The bottom tram station is in the distance to the left of the roof.


We didn’t find Pepa, but we found Nick waiting for us in a patch of grass on the side of the trail. This trail took us up and over our third pass of the day.



Looking back out of the valley.



Further up the valley. In the distance you can see the trail that we were taking. Caitlin and Nick took a trail that left the valley to the left and scrambled up the scree field before starting the rock ascent.



Emily doing some climbing.



Further up the valley.



This trail took us along the rim of the valley we had just come up. The valley is to the right in this picture.



Our trail from above.



The coolest part of the hike was the knife edge that we took along the top of the valley.



There were a couple short technical parts but mostly nice running!



Looking back towards the mountain. Just on the other side was where we were doing our skiing earlier in the week.





Heading toward the Guttenberg Haus. From here we were heading toward that little pass in the mountains just above Emily’s head.



Cresting the last pass of the day. Down below you can see Ramsau and Schladming behind it.



The last section before we hit the Guttenberg was awesome running. There were also sheep grazing in the mountains just below us.



First sighting of the Guttenberg Haus. We were all pretty bonked by this point so it was a very welcome sight. 6 hours and 37 minutes to get there.



Enjoying some Austrian bratwurst and kaiserschmarrn. After our late afternoon lunch we still had another hour run back down to the GRP headquarters. All downhill. Very worth it though!

Pair Racing: Senior Trials and Royal Canadian Henley

23.Aug.2015 by Parker Washburn

On the last day of July, Andrew Reed and I (along with the rest of the GRP heavyweight men) traveled to Princeton, NJ to compete at the Senior Trials for a chance to represent the US at World Championships in the pair (not a sculling boat!!).  We had rowed together for two and a half weeks leading up to the Trials and were very excited to finally test ourselves against some of the best pairs in the country.  Our event had five entries, which meant that it would have a full progression of racing (time trial, heat, repechage, and final) to determine a winner.  The trials began with a 1900 meter time trial on Sunday night, and we place 4th, but not far behind the other boats.  The next morning we raced in a heat in which the winner would qualify directly for the final and the other crews would be relegated to the repechage (second chance race for qualification).  We did not have our best row in the heat and ended up finishing 3rd; we knew that racing together would be a learning experience and we took several lessons from the heat and were determined to improve in our next race.  In a second opportunity to make the final, we raced in the repechage on Tuesday morning.  We tweaked our race strategy from the day before, knowing that we had to beat only one crew to advance to the final.  We finished second in the repechage (beating out the US lightweight pair), and earned a spot in the four-boat final on Wednesday.  In the final, we had a much more aggressive race plan prepared and we held with the leaders for much race.  In the end, we finished 3rd in a time of 6:34, behind the two crews from the USTC, the winning time was 6:29.5 and 2nd place was 6:32.  Our immediate reaction was disappointment in not having won the final and a spot on the national team, but we were also encouraged by the result.  In only 2.5 weeks we found the speed to compete with some of the best pairs in the country.

A few hours after our last race in Princeton, we loaded up the car and headed west to St. Catharine’s in Ontario, Canada to race in the Championship Pair event at the Royal Canadian Henley.  Members of the GRP and SBTC were already in St. Catharine’s and had a delicious meal of French toast and sausage ready for us when we arrived at 7pm on Wednesday night.  On Thursday, our first full day in Canada, we rigged up our boat and took a paddle to work off the car ride from the day before.  Canadian Henley is one of the most popular regattas of the summer and the racecourse is a packed with boat trailers and rowers.  Luckily, we stayed at Brock University (about a 20’ drive from the racecourse) and were able to escape a lot of the hustle and bustle between practice sessions and races.  Our event started with a heat on Saturday morning and final on Sunday.  On Saturday we lined up against crews from the Canadian National Team training center and pairs containing college rowers doing the summer racing circuit.  Weather conditions on Saturday morning were great; there was a slight cross-headwind but the water was flat and we were primed to race hard.  We had a good start and took a lead quickly.  By 750m into the race we felt very much in control and could relax and conserve some energy.  We won our heat and posted the fastest time of the event, which gave us some confidence going into the final on Sunday.  The good racing conditions of the day before didn’t last and Sunday was a real battle against the wind and water conditions.  A stiff headwind created a lot of choppy water, especially in the first 1000m of the racecourse.  We put together a solid race and were not deterred too much by the conditions.  We won the final by 7.5 seconds!  It was a great way to end a long week of racing.  After collecting our medals and loading our boat onto the trailer, we packed into the car for 10 hour drive back to Craftsbury.  Time to starting thinking about next year…

Here are some pictures from the final in Canada:

RCH Final

Leading in the final 250m of the race.

RCH Awards

On the award dock with the trophy and a new decoration for the dining hall.