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Archive for the ‘Misc’ Category

Dachstein Mountain Tour

17.Sep.2015 by Alex Howe

When there is no skiing in Austria the only thing that makes sense to me is to go hiking! We planned out what we thought would be a good 5-6 hour hike and started into the mountains.



The group was Emily, Ethan, Caitlin, and myself for the first section. Then Caitlin was going to join Nick for some Kletterstieg once we put some miles in.



We decided to take an out and back over a pass to get a view from them top. The pass had some unexpected Kletterstieg in it, but we scrambled up anyways.



Caitlin was stoked to be in the mountains. She bought some new climbing equipment so she and Nick could venture up some tougher ascents.



This is the group coming down the second pass. After this we ran along some scree fields and were supposed to meet Pepa at the Sudwandhutte, which sits below the tram to the glacier.



Here you can see the scree fields to the left. The trail took us across those before heading up some steep switchbacks.



Bathroom break at the Sudwandhutte. Pepa was nowhere in sight.



Above the Sudwandhutte. The bottom tram station is in the distance to the left of the roof.


We didn’t find Pepa, but we found Nick waiting for us in a patch of grass on the side of the trail. This trail took us up and over our third pass of the day.



Looking back out of the valley.



Further up the valley. In the distance you can see the trail that we were taking. Caitlin and Nick took a trail that left the valley to the left and scrambled up the scree field before starting the rock ascent.



Emily doing some climbing.



Further up the valley.



This trail took us along the rim of the valley we had just come up. The valley is to the right in this picture.



Our trail from above.



The coolest part of the hike was the knife edge that we took along the top of the valley.



There were a couple short technical parts but mostly nice running!



Looking back towards the mountain. Just on the other side was where we were doing our skiing earlier in the week.





Heading toward the Guttenberg Haus. From here we were heading toward that little pass in the mountains just above Emily’s head.



Cresting the last pass of the day. Down below you can see Ramsau and Schladming behind it.



The last section before we hit the Guttenberg was awesome running. There were also sheep grazing in the mountains just below us.



First sighting of the Guttenberg Haus. We were all pretty bonked by this point so it was a very welcome sight. 6 hours and 37 minutes to get there.



Enjoying some Austrian bratwurst and kaiserschmarrn. After our late afternoon lunch we still had another hour run back down to the GRP headquarters. All downhill. Very worth it though!

Pair Racing: Senior Trials and Royal Canadian Henley

23.Aug.2015 by Parker Washburn

On the last day of July, Andrew Reed and I (along with the rest of the GRP heavyweight men) traveled to Princeton, NJ to compete at the Senior Trials for a chance to represent the US at World Championships in the pair (not a sculling boat!!).  We had rowed together for two and a half weeks leading up to the Trials and were very excited to finally test ourselves against some of the best pairs in the country.  Our event had five entries, which meant that it would have a full progression of racing (time trial, heat, repechage, and final) to determine a winner.  The trials began with a 1900 meter time trial on Sunday night, and we place 4th, but not far behind the other boats.  The next morning we raced in a heat in which the winner would qualify directly for the final and the other crews would be relegated to the repechage (second chance race for qualification).  We did not have our best row in the heat and ended up finishing 3rd; we knew that racing together would be a learning experience and we took several lessons from the heat and were determined to improve in our next race.  In a second opportunity to make the final, we raced in the repechage on Tuesday morning.  We tweaked our race strategy from the day before, knowing that we had to beat only one crew to advance to the final.  We finished second in the repechage (beating out the US lightweight pair), and earned a spot in the four-boat final on Wednesday.  In the final, we had a much more aggressive race plan prepared and we held with the leaders for much race.  In the end, we finished 3rd in a time of 6:34, behind the two crews from the USTC, the winning time was 6:29.5 and 2nd place was 6:32.  Our immediate reaction was disappointment in not having won the final and a spot on the national team, but we were also encouraged by the result.  In only 2.5 weeks we found the speed to compete with some of the best pairs in the country.

A few hours after our last race in Princeton, we loaded up the car and headed west to St. Catharine’s in Ontario, Canada to race in the Championship Pair event at the Royal Canadian Henley.  Members of the GRP and SBTC were already in St. Catharine’s and had a delicious meal of French toast and sausage ready for us when we arrived at 7pm on Wednesday night.  On Thursday, our first full day in Canada, we rigged up our boat and took a paddle to work off the car ride from the day before.  Canadian Henley is one of the most popular regattas of the summer and the racecourse is a packed with boat trailers and rowers.  Luckily, we stayed at Brock University (about a 20’ drive from the racecourse) and were able to escape a lot of the hustle and bustle between practice sessions and races.  Our event started with a heat on Saturday morning and final on Sunday.  On Saturday we lined up against crews from the Canadian National Team training center and pairs containing college rowers doing the summer racing circuit.  Weather conditions on Saturday morning were great; there was a slight cross-headwind but the water was flat and we were primed to race hard.  We had a good start and took a lead quickly.  By 750m into the race we felt very much in control and could relax and conserve some energy.  We won our heat and posted the fastest time of the event, which gave us some confidence going into the final on Sunday.  The good racing conditions of the day before didn’t last and Sunday was a real battle against the wind and water conditions.  A stiff headwind created a lot of choppy water, especially in the first 1000m of the racecourse.  We put together a solid race and were not deterred too much by the conditions.  We won the final by 7.5 seconds!  It was a great way to end a long week of racing.  After collecting our medals and loading our boat onto the trailer, we packed into the car for 10 hour drive back to Craftsbury.  Time to starting thinking about next year…

Here are some pictures from the final in Canada:

RCH Final

Leading in the final 250m of the race.

RCH Awards

On the award dock with the trophy and a new decoration for the dining hall.

Vegetables and beyond in the Craftsbury gardens

14.Aug.2015 by Caitlin Patterson

The gardens at Craftsbury are flourishing! Seeing them every day, working on garden projects with the other GRP women, it’s easy to take the nutritious beauty for granted. So I wanted to share some scenes of growing things and garden work, before the season passes!


Kait and Heather picking herbs. The leafy green plants are flourishing with all the rain and sun we’ve had – pictured here is kale, dill, radicchio, beets, basil, parsley. Of course the weeds are flourishing too, but we try to stay on top of it as much as possible, and just staged a major weed knockdown yesterday (after this picture was taken…it’s a bit messy here) which helped a bunch!

Trees of kale

Trees of kale

Vibrant rainbow swiss chard

Vibrant rainbow swiss chard



Bumblebees on echinacea flowers near the herb and vegetable gardens. If you’re in the area it’s worth walking by to see the flowers too!


Heather clipping tomatoes, using the handy features of straps to store some extra clips. We clip the tomato vines up along strings to help support their weight.


Stunning clusters of fruit

Cherry tomatoes bursting with flavor, such a treat!

Cherry tomatoes bursting with flavor, such a treat!


Kait and Pam spot a big “sucker” – if we don’t watch out the tomatoes will try to grow into bushes, instead of the way we want them growing vertically. Careful pruning of the suckers prevents this from happening, but they grow quickly and often get away from us.


One night the skiers decided to stay home and cook our own dinner, partially for the fun of collecting and preparing so many local ingredients – zucchini, kale, tomatoes and more, to go with fantastic hamburgers and homemade buns. Cooking for ourselves one night reminded us how nice it is that we are able to eat amazing meals at the dining hall, cooking for yourself takes serious planning and time, especially in a house of 12+ athletes!

Our house smelled amazing with so much basil

One day several of us skier GRP girls worked on the project of making pesto. First we picked the basil from the COC garden, leaf by leaf, then processed it with walnuts, cheese, oil, and garlic. Our house smelled amazing with so much basil around.

Fresh garlic piled up for processing

Fresh garlic piled up for processing

Liz on the food processor and Heather drying basil leaves

Liz on the food processor and Heather drying basil leaves

Heather, Kait, and Liz checking the pesto... have to make sure it tastes good!

Heather, Kait, and Liz checking the pesto… have to make sure it tastes good!

Heather samples the favorite snack of the day, fresh pesto on a walnut. Great fuel for our strength workout coming up!

Heather samples the favorite snack of the day, fresh pesto on a walnut. Taste = verified to be amazing! Great fuel for our strength workout coming up!

Liz clipping garlic scapes. The COC dining hall made excellent scape pesto when they were in season.

Liz clipping garlic scapes. The COC dining hall made excellent scape pesto when they were in season.

Raspberries and spider webs in the early morning

Raspberries and spider webs in the early morning

Wild black raspberries. It was the best wild berry year I've seen yet in 4 years at Craftsbury!

Parting photo of wild black raspberries. It was the best wild berry year I’ve seen yet in 4 years at Craftsbury!


More photos from New Zealand!

27.Jul.2015 by Ida Sargent

I’m back in Vermont now adjusting to the 16 hour time change, remembering what it feels like to sweat in humid weather, eating delicious veggies and berries from the garden, and swimming several times a day.  But before I get fully settled into summer, here are a few more photos from winter training camp in the Southern hemisphere.


Sophie, Matt, and Jessie on the edge of the Hanging Valley trail


On an off day we drove to Queenstown but a snowy morning made for a long drive and with many a few stops to chain up along the way.


The view from the beach in Queenstown. 

NZ 2015 Day 2 of skiing 013

Classic striding from afar (Bernie Gardner photo)

NZ 2015 Day 2 of skiing 021

Anouk and I working on classic technique with some no pole striding. (Bernie Gardner photo)

NZ Snow Farm day 3 003

The snowy white landscape! (Bernie Gardner photo)

NZ 7-14-15 054

An ominous cloud bank rolls in over the lodge. The exposed landscape at the Snow Farm made the sunny days incredible and the stormy days as intensely extraordinary. We were lucky and timed both of our off days with the storms, escaping skiing through the extreme whiteouts and howling winds. (Bernie Gardner photo)

NZ 7-15 TT classic 014

Sophie leads the train in a classic distance time trial with myself, Anouk, and Jessie in hot pursuit. (Bernie Gardner photo)


Clear skies and fresh corduroy for a late afternoon ski. We couldn’t have been any luckier with the snow conditions an finished the camp with more powdery fresh snow. (Jessie Diggins photo)

Skiing into the sunset

Skiing into the sunset


The clouds outside the lodge on the last evening made it hard to leave!