Canadian Henley Day 2

19.Aug.2019 by Jen Forbes

Our day started with a lovely sleep-in as all of our races were in the afternoon. We took advantage of our morning off by restocking our food supplies at the local Canadian Superstore. We divided and conquered the store and were in and out of there in record time!

Mackenzie and Rhiannon kicked off racing for the squad and cruised to a second place finish and a bid into tomorrow’s semis. Then Taylor, Bridget and I were able to secure three spots into tomorrow’s final. And Andy was the cherry on top of the afternoon as he won his semifinal and made us 4/4 Cedar Leaves in tomorrow’s Senior 1x Finals!

Now we are back at the cottages, resting up and making TACOS for dinner! We have new blood in the house as Jack, Nathan and Liza just showed up and are ready to join the Canley Speed Party!! 

Until tomorrow!!! 

-Alex Spaulding