Birkie banner fame

19.May.2014 by Gordon Vermeer

Big news, everyone. My teammates and I are featured in the BRAND NEW BIRKIE WEBSITE’S BANNER PHOTO. CHECK IT OUT

birkie banner



The photo is from 2013 — that’s me in bib 156, second bright green suit from the left. The other greenies are my former teammates Pat, Bryan, Nils, and Dylan.

Other recent banner fame for the GRP includes this picture of my hand and half of my face on FasterSkier (photo from Spring Series 2014, 50k)




and this sweet Summit Timing photo of my teammate Alex out-lunging his sprint heat (West Yellowstone 2013, FR sprint):


west yellowstone summit timing photo


This last photo is produced with a “FinishLynx” camera. Instead of capturing a two-dimensional image at a single point in time, it captures an (essentially) one-dimensional ribbon of pixels each fraction of a second. The resulting image looks crazy because its x-axis is time, not horizontal space.