“The Purest of Spirit”

16.Apr.2013 by Steve Whelpley

Good to see Griz’s thoughts on it as well.  I feel that I’d be remiss if I didn’t allocate some words to what happened in Boston in light of posting a comparatively trivial post on fungi.  That being said, we are still close enough to the incident that even the most graceful words (assuming I magically gained access to them) may prove insufficient.

In exchanging some texts with Lynn Jennings about the tragedy, I headed down an avenue of thought that I often do during my pursuit of rowing, where I view my endeavor as unjustly privileged.  In light of this tragic act exacted upon a pure and innocent athletic endeavor, I don’t think anything is necessarily gained from being hard on yourself with a hint of self-hatred.  However, the positive direction to take it in is to simply recognize and appreciate the extreme good fortune one is granted when allowed to pursue such a beautifully simplistic goal in the world of athletics.

We are also very fortunate that no one in the extended Craftsbury family was physically affected by the attack.  Even so, there are many condolences and sympathies to be had.  Additionally, the road to internal resolve will be complicated and difficult, considering the stark nature and weight of the event.  Although it is an extremely meager and humble offering, I’m sure all of us GRP rowers will do our best to “row with the purest of spirit(s)” as Lynn phrased it in honor of those who suffered such immense misfortune at the marathon.