And so it Begins…

5.Jul.2012 by phil.henson

First, I’d like to announce a new addition to the Green Racing Project: Rowing! This blog will document the the exciting lives of the all new GRP Rowers both on and off the water, and will hopefully provide some insight as to what it is like to be living and training at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.

The first couple blog posts are back-logged since we didn’t have a place to put them when they were first written, but here they are now:

5.8.12 – Introductions

Nothing says “Welcome to Craftsbury” like 80 degrees, abundant sunshine and flat water in April!

The Great Hosmer Pond

…Or is it, “April snow showers bring May flowers?”

Snow in April!

Despite the wacky weather, things have been going very smoothly for Craftsbury’s all new GRP Rowing program. Since this is our first post, I wanted to say a little bit about who we are, where we are, and what we are doing out here in the middle of the woods.

The Athletes

The inaugural members of the program are Emily Dreissigacker, Kyle Lafferty, and Phil Henson. Emily and Phil both rowed for Dartmouth College and graduated in 2011. Kyle Lafferty was a 2010 graduate from Bucknell University, where he started rowing, and for the past two years has been working in Boston and training at Riverside Boat Club. Emily, Kyle, and Phil are all planning to race this summer – Emily in the single and Kyle and Phil in the lightweight pair. Check out the team bios for more info and flattering headshots!


Craftsbury is located in what is called the Northeast Kingdom – a fitting name for this part of the country, with sprawling fields and scattered mountains.  It’s a far cry from my hometown in New Jersey, scattered instead with deer and cul-de-sacs. The center itself is home to many running, mountain biking, and cross country skiing trails, and it is a stone’s throw from Mt. Mansfield, Stowe, Jay Peak, and other great hiking, climbing, and skiing destinations.


It may seem odd to have a section here devoted to food but trust me (yes, I am a lightweight rower), it’s incredible! There is a big emphasis on high quality, healthy food with locally grown ingredients. The kitchen staff is extremely friendly and passionate about preparing the best food around. Just don’t forget to compost!

Work Opportunities

Our role in this new GRP Rowing program is not only to try to get to the top level of our sport, but also to contribute to the center’s projects and long term goals. For example, we are working to develop an electric launch to potentially replace gasoline-powered coaching launches. There are also opportunities to work in the garden, on the trails, and in the kitchen. Original projects are encouraged, as long as they are in line with the mission statement of the center.

This blog will be mostly about the goings-on of the year-round GRP Rowers, but since we train with the U23 SBTC athletes in the summer, the posts over the next few months will be more inclusive.

Stay tuned!